Follow alongside a woman, in her journey, after the end of an abusive relationship. Her struggles and ability to rise from the darkness offer hope to readers, in a collection of poems that are in chronological order. The fresh, contemporary metaphors in the poems create a gripping experience for readers.

“Christy Birmingham’s powerful words and unique poetic voice offer a brilliant message of hope… ” Raymond Alexander Kukkee, Author of Fires of Waterland.

“A profound book of poetic reflections of struggle and rebirth.” Gail Thornton, Author of The Girl in the Iron Lung.

Christy Birmingham is a freelance writer and poet in British Columbia, Canada. She writes poetry to reach out to struggling women. Birmingham seeks to help women understand they are not alone when they are depressed, anxious, or abused as she has fought through all three issues. She has written countless poems since childhood and plans to publish more poetry collections.

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Pathways to Illumination is available in paperback, eBook for Kindle, eBook for eReaders and PDF form at ISBN: 1-62582-067-4 ISBN-13: 978-1-62582-067-9 ISBN for mobi: 978-1-62582-068-6 ISBN for epub: 978-1-62582-069-3 ISBN for PDF: 978-1-62582-070-9 LCCN: 2013944665