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By Shannon Richard
Forever ebook
imprint of Grand Central Publishing
July 2, 2013

Paige Morrison is not having a good year. She’s lost her job, her apartment and her boyfriend. Since being a struggling artist is out of the question, living with her parents in Mirabelle, Florida is her only option. She packs up her jeep and leaves the City of Brotherly Love for small town life.

Finding a job proves to be a challenge. It has nothing to do with her creative resume, but the fact that she’s tall, sexy and available. In a small town, other women can find that a threat to their own chance of happiness. Several women do when Paige meets a very loving, hard- working mechanic and garage owner who is attracted to her and isn’t afraid to let her know it. The attraction is experienced by both Paige and Brendan King.

Undone is about encountering the hardship of life and working through it and about not being afraid to love no matter what stands in your way. This book deals with small town jealously where they think they have a right to hurt anyone. Tension only grows. The only thing I didn’t like were some of the names of the secondary characters. Otherwise, it’s a fast read and expresses real situations with relationships. You can easily relate to the main characters and cheer them on.

four out of five old trees
Denise Fleischer
August 9, 2013