Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea and Secrets
By Nancy Naigle
An Adams Grove Novel
A Montlake Romance
Pub: 2012
Revised edition
Trade paperback
324 pages, with recipes
Multiple formats

Nancy Naigle captures the timeless comfort of a close-knit small town through a long-time matriarch named Pearl. But along with the comfortable setting comes other realities to shatter family bonds.

Pearl’s granddaughter, Jill, left home for what she believed was a worthy cause. She returns home to Adams Grove, VA to join in the celebration of Pearl’s birthday. Shortly after her visit, Jill learns that Pearl passed away. She leaves the Kase Foundation fundraiser in Savannah, which she organized, experiencing the depth of her loss. She has to deal with all the emotions that come with mourning and the awkwardness that will come when she sees her ex-boyfriend. She’s also extremely upset that her boss/boyfriend neglected to tell her about Pearl’s death no doubt because it would interfere with the event.

While still mourning Pearl’s loss, Jill encounters a former friend who warns her to stay away from Garrett Malloy, Jill’s ex-boyfriend. If that encounter wasn’t bad enough, someone broke into Pearl’s house and tore it apart looking through documents. While the incidents continue and lead to danger, Jill receives the loving support of her cousin Carolanne, adorable Aunt Milly, of course, Garrett, and Pearl’s Bernese mountain dog, Clyde.

Sweet Tea and Secrets has a down home feel to it. It touches upon regret, off-course destiny, greed, love of family and the strength of relationships. You can easily relate to the character’s feelings of loss and how it can spiral you into shock and heartache. I found the characters to be believable and cared for their safety and well being. I enjoyed following Jill through her life’s challenge and was pleased with the ending. In fact, I hope to read her two new books: “Wedding Cakes and Mistakes” and “Pecan Pie and Deadly Lies.”

Four glasses of Sweet Tea out of five