Creating a supernatural race takes more than imagination. R.B. Austin introduces the Trihune and her 1700s protagonist, Caderyn. Learn about this new type of hero and what challenges he’s up against in Austin’s novel “Fallen Redemption.” Log onto her website at http://www.rbaustin.com and follow her on twitter: @authorrbaustin. Her book was published on July 23, 2013 by Soul Mate Publishing. Love the name of that. The kindle edition is 306 pages long. Love the cover!

GWN: First of all, I want to thank you for taking the time to speak with GWN readers and fireandicebooktour followers. We’re very interested in learning more about your new novel, “Fallen Redemption.” I believe the first thing we need to know is the foundation of the Trihune. Who are they and how did they come to be?

RB:Thanks so much for having me, Denise. I’m so excited to be able to talk to you and your readers about my debut release.

The Trihune are a group of supernatural beings created by the heavens’ guardians in order to protect humans from Apollyon and his Fallen—soulless monsters who prey on the weak.

There are three different species of the Trihune. Fallen Redemption deals with the Behnshmas, or Behns for short. The Behns were once human. Monthly they receive the blood of their heavenly sire. This blood gives them an immortal life, unnatural strength, greater eyesight; all of the means necessary to protect humans.

GWN: What is it about your paranormal novel that makes it unique?

RB: I created Fallen Redemption by blending vampire lore and Roman Catholic heritage. There is not a group of warriors like the Behns in any other story. These beings are not something to fear in the night (well, if you’re human, I mean), but to hope they are close by when you walk down a dark street.

GWN: Who is your protagonist and what challenge does he face? What time period did he begin human existence?

RB: Caderyn lived his human life during the 1700s. He couldn’t imagine any other joy than working the land to provide for his wife and children. It wasn’t until he gave a stranger shelter for the night that his life as he knew it ceased to exist.

GWN: What does he become and why? Who had a hand in his turning?

RB: It was on a dark, moon-filled night that Caderyn was turned into a Behn. He’d thought Elias was a ghost at first. The man’s body glowed so bright.

Caderyn had always put the welfare of others before himself. When Elias showed him images of soulless monsters, pain, and death—so much death, there was no other choice to be made.

GWN: Why does he hate his new existence?

RB: Before the stranger entered his home, Caderyn loved his life. He adored his children. And now, he yearns to be just a Follower again. To go back, to change things. With his wife and children gone, he only has one purpose: killing enough Fallen to gain redemption for making the one choice that changed everything.

GWN: Is he a good or evil?

RB: Caderyn is good. He was chosen by his sire to be turned into a Behn because of his innate sense of right and wrong.

GWN: What must he overcome to resolve his negative existence?

RB: Caderyn must learn to let go of the past and forgive himself. Redemption is something he feels he doesn’t deserve.

GWN: Is there hope for him?

RB: Oh yes.

I believe there is hope for all of us.

GWN: Tell us about your writing life and goals for the next novel.

RB: I’m already working on the second novel of the series. This one will focus on Lucas. He’s the peacemaker of the group. The second novel will answer what happens when Lucas no longer seeks peace.

Thank you for the awesome questions, Denise, and for the opportunity to speak with GottaWriteNetwork readers.

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