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Delectable Adrianne Lee

Big Sky Pie #1
By Adrianne Lee
Grand Central Publishing
Published on: Sept. 3, 2013
Sold by: Hachette Digital, Inc.
Format: ebook: Nook or Kindle
260 pages
Contemporary set in Kalispell, Montana

Adrianne Lee presents a small town slice-of-life novel with a very real issue. Quint McCoy, a Montana real estate agent, experiences an undeniable wave of guilt. So much of his life was wrapped up in being a successful businessman that he wasn’t able to spend time fishing with his father. When his father died, his grief consumed him and he couldn’t cope. He pushed away everyone he loved, especially his wife Callee. He blamed their marriage for being the reason he didn’t spend quality time with his dad.

Adrianne Lee
Instead of going for grief counseling, working through his feelings, and then moving on with his life, Quint literally walked away from everyone he loved. He told Callee that he couldn’t deal with the marriage anymore and that he wanted a divorce. He packed his bags for an extended fishing trip and walked away from his business. His life began crumbling away brick by brick.

Molly lost her husband and now her son’s inability to cope threatened any happiness he and her daughter-in-law deserved. Determined to resolve the situation and bring the two most important people in her life back together, Molly puts her plan into action. She renovates one of the buildings she owns, which just happens to be Quint’s real estate office, and creates Big Sky Pie. Now all she has to do is wait for her son to come back in town and get him and Callee in the same room.

When Quint returns, he immediately notices that his business is gone. Where it went, he’s not sure, but in its place is a new pie café. He has a feeling that his mother knows what’s going on.

Ready to put her painful past behind her, Callee comes to town to return her wedding ring and then drive off toward a new life. Culinary school will soon start and her girlfriend has a job for her.

If it wasn’t difficult enough to experience their first encounter since Quint walked away, they now have to deal with Molly’s medical emergency. Callee, Quint and Andrea, Quint and Molly’s assistant, have to deal with Molly’s need for surgery and keeping her dream alive. They have to hire a top-notch pastry chef to get the business up and running.

Can they put their own problems aside and work on Molly’s dream? Read the book and find out.

Delectable is about second chances. It’s about Quint’s overwhelming grief which nearly takes over his life. He had to get a grip on reality and reel in everyone he could have lost in the process.

The book is character driven and pulls you into what the two main characters are experiencing. There was good character description so I had no problem visualizing who they were and their life challenges. The storyline kept me interested and I’m determined to bake a homemade pie. I do think that Lee took Quint’s guilt a little too far. It could have been expressed through negative behaviors such as drinking too much, not wanting to spend quality time with Callee, and forgetting business appointments. I don’t think he should have left everything he loved. I also would have liked more background and description of the town they lived in.

Four freshly baked cherry pies out of five
Denise Fleischer, gottawritenetwork.wordpress.com
Author of Deadly Reservations (ArcheBooks)
–Review copy courtesy of Forever (Grand Central Publishing) through NetGalley.