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Sea of Crises
By Marty Steere
Penfield Publications
Pub. Date: Dec. 1, 2013
314 pages
$14.36/paperback, $2.99/kindle

Nate Cartwright and his brothers all experienced a nightmare that would follow them throughout their lives. On Sept. 28, 1976, their father, the Apollo 18 Commander, was one of three astronauts who returned to Earth after a lunar mission. Unfortunately, they were all dead. Official reports suggested that the heat shield did not activate upon reentry. Bob Cartwright, Mason Gale and Steve Dayton were burned beyond recognition. Nate was nearly twelve at the time.

What was a horrid memory suddenly became a matter of survival. They had to run in order to survive. The key person keeping them alive is Nate’s brother Matt. Unknown to him and Matt’s twin, Peter, Matt was an agent of a highly classified, totally buried in the government organization. No one should have to deal with these people, particularly the innocent. Soon all the children of the astronauts of Apollo 18 are hunted down by these ruthless individuals.

Sea of Crises is intense. I took my time reading it because I’ve never read a book at this level of description and suspense. You will follow them from California to Minneapolis to Maine and every minute you’ll be wondering what will it take to stop those who want them dead. The dark theme of the story carries through to the end. What scares the hell out of you is this isn’t international terrorism, it’s homegrown. I couldn’t believe the end. That was the best part of the book.

Five lunar capsules out of five
Denise Fleischer
Author of Deadly Reservations
January 2, 2014