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Ghosts of Kingston Cottage

Ghosts of Kingston Cottage
By Libby Bishop
Entangled Publishing, LLC
Paranormal e-book, 70 pages
Published: Oct. 28, 2013

Revenant Investigations crew: Arabella, Lena and Nick are ready for their next case. The women are both lead investigators and Nick is the team’s techie. Their assignment is to learn what paranormal entity is within Historic Kingston Cottage in Maine and to remove it so the owners can put the cottage on the market. Their boss, Folger Dade insists that a reporter accompany them. Lucas Brown, from Debunker Media, wants to tag along to see if the team of mediums is the real thing or frauds.

The case they set out to investigate focuses on Katie Kingston and her husband, Seamus. They were very much in love, but death separated them. For Katie, it is too difficult to handle and one assumes she took her own life to be with the man she loved. Her loss led to her family leaving the island.

The paranormal investigators want to do more than communicate with the ghosts. They want to arrive at a solution to their inability to move on.

Though I loved the idea of reading how they would go about their goal, I felt the book needed more editing and more history. I wanted to know how Seamus died and what was keeping these lovers apart. Rather than an object creating a barrier, there might have been a deeper storyline. Instead of Lucas repeating his intentions of reporting the truth, he could have asked Arbella more about her experiences and what it’s like to have her gift. I liked the characters and would be interested in reading about them in a longer book. The story just needed to be developed a little more.

Three out of five wedding rings
Denise Fleischer
February 2, 2014