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RestitutionTom McLean is back, and this time it’s even more dangerous than before.

Tom has faced danger before, now he’s back, following the diary of his grandfather during his time as a prisoner of war. What starts as an innocent read into his family history soon becomes a frightening real life chase to discover a secret that makes him question who he can trust and who will kill him to keep this secret hidden.

David M. Wynn’s e-book sequel to “A Small Betrayal,” follows Tom as he reads his grandfather’s experiences in 1940; what happened to the sea merchant who was part of a crew whose tanker was sank by the German Army who took them as prisoners to North Africa. Deep within the ship, a secret mission initiated upon the instructions of Heinrich Himmler, is revealed.

Following a trail left by his grandfather, Tom finds himself leaving his home in Cheshire to find the location of the secret that was so important to the Nazi leader. As Tom searches for information online, it soon becomes evident that he is not the only one interested in the movements of the ship on which his grandfather was held.

Wynn takes the reader through Tom’s grandfather’s experience, which becomes a dangerous and frightening chase, with Tom having to decide who he can trust and who is out to double-cross and kill him in order to preserve the secret, taking him on a journey where, at last, an old wrong is finally put right.

“I have no idea how much of the historical bits are based on reality, but it all seemed very true to me,” said Wynn.

Wynn, who was born in Manchester, England, manages to put his personal experiences into his pages; his father was a seaman who was a prisoner of war in World War II, reflecting the fact of one of the characters in the novel. Using this, in addition to his experience working in the Merchant Navy sailing around the world, he creates another adventure full of actions and danger, throwing his character into another dramatic thriller.

“I didn’t know when I read it that it was the second in the series, it did not matter this is a good read as a standalone,” said Wynn.

After the success of his first book “A Small Betrayal,’ published in 2012, Wynn has expanded his novel into a series, putting his character Tom McLean into more thrilling action and danger. His second novel took less than 12 months to write, which he self-published utilizing the Amazon Kindle E-reader.

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