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The Whole Cat and CaboodleThe Whole Cat and Caboodle

A Second Chance Cat Mystery

By Sofie Ryan

An Obsidian Mystery

April 2004

326 pages


Setting: North Harbor, Maine


When Sarah Grayson isn’t repurposing furniture in her Second Chance Shop, she’s receiving a command or two from a black cat named Elvis. Elvis clearly adopted her.

When her grandmother asks her to present a free workshop for the folks at Legacy Place, Sarah agrees. She also wonders what was taking her grandmother’s friend, Maddie, so long to turn up.  She learns the delay may be caused by Maddie’s new boyfriend, Arthur Fenety, the same smooth character who tried to sell her a silver tea set.

Shortly after Sarah and her grandmother’s friend, Charlotte, find Maddie and Arthur in Maddie’s backyard. Maddie seems to be in a state of shock and Arthur is dead. When they call the police, Nick Elliot, from the Medical Examiner’s office arrives and Maddie is arrested. When the cause of death is determined, Maddie seems to be in a garden bed of trouble. It will be up to her friends to weed out the real killer and get Maddie off the hook.

What I loved about The Whole Cat and Caboodle were the characters. It was wonderful to see seniors playing the role of amateur sleuths. They had a lot to offer and equally important was the fact that they enjoyed being productive as an investigative team. There was just enough repurposing of estate sale items to keep you interested and make it feel as if life didn’t simply stop. Business had to go on as usual.  The storyline, in terms of what led Arthur into the danger zone, is very realistic. It’s probably happening in the United States, or the world, for that matter, right now. The author keeps you wondering who did it and surprises you. Looking forward to the next Second Chance Cat Mystery.

Four boldly painted dressers out of five

Denise Fleischer


March 30, 2014