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Spinning in her Grave

Spinning in her Grave

A Haunted Yarn Shop Mystery

By Molly MacRae

An Obsidian Mystery


331 pages

$7.99 US


A choreographed historical re-enactment was the highlight of Blue Plum, Tennessee’s annual festival. J.S. Prescott’s special request is for Kath Rutledge, the owner of Weaver’s Cat yarn shop, to allow him to place two re-enactors upstairs by the windows. He assures her that it will be perfectly safe, but she doesn’t give him her approval. Adding her opinion as well as security detail is Geneva, the ever present, but not always visible, live-in ghost.

While participating in the fest, Kath calls her store. She’s told by Ernestine, one of her employees, that she thought she heard someone come in the back door. Shortly after, Kath and the entire town filled with tourists and locals, learn that Reva has been killed. The authorities are pretty sure the killer used Kath’s store to take aim and shoot Reva, the sister of a café owner. Deputy Cole Dunbar arrives on the scene with emergency crews which temporarily closes Kath’s fiber and fabric store so they can search for evidence.

Kath and a few friends learn that Reva had a number of issues. One of them was getting money by charging people double for an order at her sister’s café. There’s more, Mel had just reported a theft before Reva was murdered.

Questioning Reva’s double dealing practices is only half of it.  There seems to be something else going on that no one knows about. Kath is dying to find out what it is.

Spinning in her Grave has an interesting mix of amateur sleuths and suspects. Sleuth wise, Kath is not alone for she has a team supporting her. While Geneva, a ghost with unfinished business, is interesting, her mysterious existence before death creates a second plotline. You’re never really too sure if the spirits of her long dead friends will make an appearance.

Trying to guess which one of the suspects was the true guilty party, keeps the reader curious. Of course Reva’s spouse and family are always prime suspects and then anyone she double crossed. There was also the businessman who had his hand in everything and always kept on showing up.

I enjoyed reading the book, maybe because I’m learning to knit. Loved the relationship between the cat and the ghost and Kath’s intuition and courage.


Four haunted yarn shops out of five

Denise Fleischer


April 13, 2014