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a Tiger's Tale

A Tiger’s Tale

By Laura Morrigan

A Call of the Wilde Mystery

Berkley Prime Crime

May 6, 2014


328 pages


Grace Wilde is called upon to learn why a normally calm Siberian tiger at a donkey and big cat rescue is very anxious. While others might not understand that she can telepathically bridge with animals, Grace has been able to since she was a child.

When Grace learns that a young volunteer at the retreat is kidnapped, she informs Kai Duncan, an investigator. Brooke’s mother and stepfather think she’s a runaway, but her peers at the retreat think otherwise. They’re aware of the tension in Brooke’s home and that her boyfriend could have a troubling life, as well.

Since her mother hasn’t reported Brooke missing, Grace goes by the retreat animals’ comments that she was “taken.” Every clue is gathered through their behavior and the last actions Brooke made before her disappearance.

Like most mysteries that deal with amateur sleuths, Grace goes by intuition and her own investigation even if danger is only a heartbeat away. She seems to go down the most dangerous path one can take. She is totally devoted to not only learning the truth, but finding Brooke. When a person is abducted, every moment is so important.

A Tiger’s Tale was woven with suspense and bravery. I applaud Grace’s courage and love seeing strong and intelligent protagonists. In this book, the major setting was the retreat. Grace ventures into a few other settings as part of her investigation, but the retreat seems the most descriptive and important. In terms of characters, Grace, her sister, and retreat owner, Ozeal Mallory, are well drawn so you can picture them and relate to their challenges. There were serious issues unveiled and danger around every corner. I appreciate this type of cozy more than the humorous. This is a book to be shared.

Five tigers out of five

Denise Fleischer (Netera@aol.com)


May 11, 2014