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THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF was just released on July 22, 2014.  Now, funny thing is that no author that I know of likes to say that they like one book over another.  Usually my favorite book is the book that I’m writing at the moment.  However, THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF was one of those books that really came from my heart — there are elements in it — scouting for instance, and the incredible abilities of these scouts of old — and other elements that I find fascinating.

There is a companion book to THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF — and that book is THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF.  This is really a continuation of that story — only now told from the viewpoint of Marietta, who was the maid in THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF.  So it’s kind of an odd thing that THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF is second in the Lost Clan series, and yet is a companion of THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF, which is not part of that series at all.

assiniboin-indians1-216x300THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF is second in the Lost Clan series, a series that has the Thunderer as the antagonist throughout the entire series.  The first book introduces the reason why the Thunderer has become so murderous toward this particular clan — and the struggle of a single boy, who must go out into the world — all on his own — and attempt to undo the curse.

In my mind’s eyes, the picture above is the picture of my hero — this is one of most favorite of all the paintings of Karl Bodmer, a man who toured the West with  Prince Maximilian zu Wied-Neuwied in the early 1800′s.  Karl Bodmer, as well as George Catlin, documented in paintings the early days of the West when the Indians were first meeting the white man.

It was THE PRINCESS AND THE WOLF that first introduced me to the realm of the Indian scout, and I was at once fascinated.  This book continues in that same manner, by introducing the reader to the incredible abilities of the old scout, as well as carrying on the antagonistic relationship of the hero with the Thunderer.  Interestingly at the time of writing this story, my husband was very much into reading the HARRY POTTER series and was fascinated with some of the riddles that Harry had to unravel.

Because of this influence from my husband, I became interested in the subject matter of riddles, and thus begins the problems that our hero faces in this book, which involves the solving of a deceptively “simple” riddle.  As a note, that riddle in the book came from brain-storming with my husband, who really was instrumental in putting that riddle together.

TepeesRockies1-300x186But there was another part to this book that I absolutely love, and that part is gambling.  Yes, that’s right…gambling.  I love pow-wows (the picture off to the left here was taken at the Blackfeet Days pow-wow).  It was at this pow-wow that I learned how fun and how popular gambling is/was to the American Indian.  Add to that my fascination when I learned that Sacagawea had been “won” by her husband in a game of chance.  Wow!  What sort of game was this?  that would come with a wife as part of the stakes?

That game was, I soon discovered, the game of Cos-soo, an Indian game of chance where the loser generally lost everything, even to his clothes, his possessions including his tepee, and…his wife.  Often these games were played for days and days without interruption.

The hero of this story, Grey Coyote, is desperate.  He has only until his 30th birthday to solve the mystery of this riddle or lose his chance of freeing his people forever.  He is twenty-nine years of age, with his birthday just around the corner.  Add to that his frustration that he is “saddled” with a possession won that could cause him to abandon precious time spent in trying to undo the curse that plagues his people.  The heroine, Marietta, is shocked, scared and finally frustrated when she learns she has a “husband,” who might delay her need to hurry home to England, in order to claim her estate.

Gene-Audry-Trail-009-300x225But I’ve left out the most important part of the inspiration for this story — my husband, his sense of honor, his sense of humor, and the way he makes me feel when he kisses me.

This picture off to the left is a recent picture, taken in Arizona, I believe, as we were traveling across country earlier this year.

And as a note, THE SPIRIT OF THE WOLF, is on sale for a very, very low price right now — but only for a little while.  Here’s the link:  http://store.samhainpublishing.com/spirit-wolf-p-73499.html

If you go to that link, please be sure to read the excerpt printed there — it’s the game of Cos-soo that opens the story.

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