wedding cakes and big mistakesWedding Cakes and Big Mistakes

By Nancy Naigle

An Adams Grove Novel

Montelake Romance

249 pages

Trade paperback

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Carolanne Baxter is adapting to the slower pace of small town life back home in Adams Grove, Virginia. She’s left behind New York and has partnered with Connor Buckham to form Baxter and Buckham law practice.

Preparing for the wedding of Garrett Malloy and Jill Clemmons has Connor seeing a whole new perspective when he’s with Carolanne. He’s getting to that point in his life when he wants to settle down and have a family. The problem is that Carolanne wants nothing to do with marriage. She saw how her mother’s death nearly destroyed her father and her childhood.

Then the unthinkable happens, Garrett and Jill’s wedding celebration comes to an abrupt end when an out-of-towner is found dead nearby. Carolanne knew who it was. Now the question is who would want to kill someone who barely interacted with the residents of the town? Things get further out of hand when someone Carolanne knows gets arrested. The same person who has worked hard to turn his life around.

The question is, who is the real killer? Could it be someone the victim spoke to while walking through town? Someone trying to stop the victim from getting information? Or none of the above?

What I liked about the novel were the personalities of the characters, their dialogue, and the setting. The characters drew me into the story. While finding the murderer should always be the goal for the reader, enjoying the character interaction, their daily lives, and how they think things through can be just as interesting. This book was definitely character driven. I would have liked to have read more about clues and the investigation. The book seemed to get right to the guilty party. Clearly, this story is more about Carolanne breaking down the barriers protecting her heart. She saw what the pain of her mother’s death did to her father and refused to allow that to happen to her. Love changes people’s perspectives. That can be a wonderful thing.  I look forward to more Adams Grove novels.

three and a half wedding cakes out of five

Denise Fleischer


September 15, 2014