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Marked Down for Murder

Marked Down For Murder, A Good Buy Girls Mystery, By Josie Belle, Berkley Prime Crime Mystery, 260 pages$7.99 mass paperback

If there’s one thing Maggie, Ginger, Joanne and Claire know, it’s how to shop for bargains. Though Maggie, owner of My Sister’s Closet secondhand store in Virginia, and her Good Buy Girls are too busy to go shopping these days. They have been worried about when Joanne’s baby was going to be born and if Sam was going to propose to Maggie.

No sooner does Maggie’s high school adversary, Summer’s mother and stepfather come to town do things start heating up. Blair wants Maggie out of the picture. She feels her beautiful daughter would make a better bride for St. Stanley Police Chief Sam Collins. It doesn’t matter that Sam is in love with Maggie. While Blair continues to make Maggie’s life miserable, something unthinkable happens in hers: her husband, Bruce Cassidy, is found dead in Summer’s home and the alleged weapon that killed him was seen in Summer’s hand. Blair’s daughter is the prime suspect in her stepfather’s murder. But Maggie doesn’t believe that Summer could commit murder. What would be the motive? Bruce Cassidy and her mother seemed to get along well and he appeared to get along with Summer.

GWN Book Reviews standing headWhile doing the baby count down with her friends, Maggie wants to do the right thing and that’s help keep Summer out of prison. Unfortunately, it puts her life in danger and she knows she could lose the man she loves in the process. He wants her to stay out of crime solving. Problem is Maggie is good at what she does.

Marked Down For Murder is a character driven enjoyable mystery. It makes you think about a few things: that what you see might not be exactly what happened. That you may not really know a person as well as you think you do. That the unexpected can be deadly. The characters dealt with real emotions, uncertainty, and hope. Lots of twists in this one.

four out of five got-to-have bargains

Denise Fleischer


October 18, 2014

**This book was given to me to review. I received no monetary compensation. The review can only be reprinted with my permission ©