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Krista DavisGuest Blog Post 

By Krista Davis

In my Paws & Claws mystery series, which started with MURDER, SHE BARKED and continues with THE GHOST AND MRS. MEWER, the animals don’t talk. Holly Miller is just like us, having to interpret what they’re thinking. I read many years ago that dogs like to go for walks and sniff because, to them, it’s like reading the newspaper.

The Ghost and Mrs. MewerA few good sniffs and they know who was there, cat, dog, or woodchuck. A follow-up sniff tells them male or female, and what the animal had for dinner. They can even tell if it’s young or old.

I imagine the conversation between my dogs going something like this.

Baron: Hey! We missed Gizmo. I didn’t see him, did you?

Queenie: I thought I caught a whiff of him on the wind.

Baron: Rats! He had steak for dinner. I told you we should have gone over there and begged.

Murder She BarkedQueenie: He was with a girl.

Baron: What? I don’t believe it.

Queenie: A blonde. With curly fur.

Baron: Shove over. This I have to sniff . . . a poodle!

Queenie: Standard poodle. I bet she’s taller than Gizmo.

Baron: I’d like to meet a blonde poodle. What can she possibly see in him?

Queenie: Steak for dinner.

About Krista:

New York Times Bestselling author Krista Davis writes the Paws & Claws Mysteries for animal lovers that debuted in December with MURDER, SHE BARKED. The sequel, THE GHOST AND MRS. MEWER, will be in bookstores on December 2nd. She also writes the Domestic Diva Mysteries. Her 8th Domestic Diva Mystery is THE DIVA WRAPS IT UP, a Christmas mystery in bookstores now. Like her characters, Krista has a soft spot for cats, dogs, and sweets. She lives in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia with three dogs and two cats.