Mackinac Island really is an island. Not just a chunk of land that’s a bridge away but more like a fifteen minute ferry ride with Lake Michigan on one side and Huron on the other. It’s one of those places with no cars and lots of horses and bikes and maybe a dead body or two…

…and that’s the problem. Not the dead so much as no one liked this person anyway but that body scares off the tourists!Mackinac (1)

If there’s one thing everyone on the island does not want to happen is that! Our little island that’s a time warp back to the 1800s relies on the tourists, called fudgies ‘cause they buy so much of the stuff, to stay afloat…at least financially.

So the thing is where can we hide that body till after the busiest weekend of the year? I have a few ideas and you can tell me which one appeals to you. Keep in mind all of these require strapping the body to a bike or renting a horse and buggy.

Mackinac_arch-rockFirst we can hide the body in Arch Rock. There’re enough bushes to hide the corpse.

Or we shove the body back in Skull Cave. That place sounds a lot scarier then it is and the cave is too small. Then again maybe the fudgies will think its part of the attraction.

There’s Fort Mackinac. I saw a pit where they used to put the bad guys back in the day. Maybe we can dump the body in there…till it starts to stink.

Saint Ann’s Cemetery is a good choice a body just fits right in. What’s one more dead guy.

Mackinac_hotelThe Grand Hotel might work. Just prop the corpse up in one of those rocking chairs on that really looooong front porch they have, put a martini in his hand and he’ll look like he fell asleep.

Or just push the body off the East Bluff and into Lake Huron. Weight it down with some rocks. Glug, glug, glug.

Mackinac_2Or heave-ho the body off Shepler’s dock, or maybe the ferry ride back to the mainland.

Where would you get rid of the body? Mackinac Island is a great place for more than riding bikes and eating fried green beans. Some people have a drop-dead good time…and just wait till you see where I did hide that pesky dead body!

I’ll give away three Geared for the Grave totes from the answers.

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