I’m Brian Fuller – part-time student – full-time witch.

That’s right. Not a warlock. We don’t like to be called that. I’m a male witch.

I’ve never ridden a broomstick, but I have attended a few Sabbats or witch holidays. I don’t have a black pointy hat or a cape. I do have a wand because I’m an air witch and that’s my tool.

black catSo I’m going through my life, enjoying everything as the grandson of a powerful member of the Grand Council of Witches. My parents give me anything as long as I stay out of their way. It’s been like that for years. I don’t mind.

Then I meet this crazy bunch of old witches. Olivia was nice. Elegant and sexy. We went out on a date and she was found dead the next morning. For some reason, her friends thought I had something to do with it. Me! I’ve never killed anyone in my life. I don’t even like squashing bugs.

This one older chick, Molly, was really obnoxious. So I warned her off. She went into hyper-protective mode, worried about her family. She’s chasing me around Wilmington, trying to prove I murdered Olivia. She even put a summoning spell on me to get me where she wanted me. I fought that off but we came to a truce of sorts. She wouldn’t bother me anymore. I wouldn’t bother her. I even admitted that I owed her one.

What’s the first thing she does? Summon me in a big cauldron full of hot water. It’s sitting over a huge fire in a cave under her shop by the river, and I’m in my underwear. She says she needs me to prove who killed Olivia. As long as she’s not looking at me, I’m okay with that.

Too bad Cassandra, the herald to the council of witches, sees me there. She’s bound to tell my parents and my grandfather. They won’t like it.

crystal ballBut I kind of like the new witch, Dorothy, that is joining their coven. She’s a librarian, of all things. She’s funny and sassy. She’s just learning magic (at her age) but that doesn’t bother me. She still thinks magic is fun and exciting. I like being around her.

Not enough to join the crazy old witch coven with her friends, but I figure I can hang with Dorothy without joining up. The three of them (even Olivia’s ghost) are like a family. I’ve never needed that in my life, but I admire it. And I sure admire Dorothy, you know? She is sweet!

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