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9780989596077-PerfectNCupload7.inddTo The Rescue
A review of Nature’s Confession by JL Morin
Released: Jan. 8, 20115

Title: Nature’s Confession

Author: J.L. Morin

Amazon link: ISBN: 978-0-9895960-7-7

Genre: cli-fi, sci-fi, romance, young adult for all ages

Star rating: 5

Buy: Yes

Borrow: Yes

Summary: Nature’s Confession contemplates the reality of what’s happening now as corporations pollute the Earth, and what might be in store for the planet. To the rescue is a young boy, who’s adventures will enthrall you and take you to other far away lands and times. Is there hope for the planet? Can a young hero save us?

I found this book to be an entertaining and thought provoking story that folds in important lessons of respect for nature, our Earth. The author has an original style of writing and an enlightening imagination that will not disappoint a young reader, or even adult reader.

In the world we live in now, there is no shortage of warnings that environmental damage in the form of climate change is coming to our planet, and soon. Recent hard-hitting scientific reports are saying our Earth will be uninhabitable in another 100 years. Is Nature’s Confession and similar tales from the emerging climate change fiction genre so far off from the truth? In her first cli-fi, J.L. Morin takes us to a future Earth where a young boy questions the world and sees the destruction of his planet. He questions the status of society and why the powers that be have been allowed to destroy the fragile eco-system, by letting greedy corporations run amok.

What I found most riveting about J.L. Morin’s Nature’s Confession is the concept of busywork. Her young hero is disgusted by how most people are trapped being kept so busy that they have blinders toward the bigger picture and how the planet is being harmed. Aren’t we all so wrapped up in our own lives and stress and work that we feel unable to get involved or make a change or start a revolution that will put a stop to climate change? I applaud the author for showing so creatively and cleverly the consequences of our busywork.

Morin really gets into your head and makes you ask questions about our present, and future environment, and the kind of world humanity, led by powerful corporations, has created. When the young hero jets to far away star systems to seek out a way to save his planet, we are led into strange new worlds and universes that are dictated by different environmental systems, also under threat, and populated by a wide variety of imaginative creatures and machines. Side-by-side with ally droid Any Gynoid, the boy and love, Valentine, discover new science that could help save their home planet, but will it be possible? I’ll let you read the book to find out. No spoilers here!

I think the lessons and political messages laced skilfully throughout this book will appeal to any reader in a way that is convincing, and entertaining. Keep an open mind in reading this book, and let Morin guide you toward her ideas and conclusions about the importance of how we treat our natural world. You will learn a lot reading this page-turning cli-fi classic. I also enjoyed the insightful quotes and illustrations included with each new chapter, escaping into other-planets, being convinced to care for our Earth!

My only criticism of the book is that I would have liked a bit more in-depth explanation about what the corporations did to wreck the Earth.


Lisa Devaney is and award-winning reporter and author of the novel In Ark