Time to make room on your TBR self for these March and April new cozy mysteries. I’ve already read “A Wee Murder in My Shop: A ScotShop Mystery” and fell for one of the characters. Read the book and you’ll fall in love with him, too.  A review will soon be written. Get your copies of these new books on Barnes or Amazon.




By Fran Stewart, March 3, 2015; $7.99

First in a new series

When Peggy Winn finds the dead body of her ex-boyfriend on the floor of her ScotShop in Vermont, she decides to ask her haunting Scottish companion for help solving the crime – before anyone else gets killed.



9780425271681 (1)


A Love or Money Mystery

by Diana Orgain; March 3, 2015; $7.99

First in a new series

Reality TV meets murder in the first in a new mystery series from the author of Maternal Instincts Mysteries and co-author of the New York Times bestselling Scrapbooking Mysteries. When brokenhearted Georgia Thornton goes looking for romance on reality TV, she has nothing to lose – apart from a good man, a cash prize, and maybe her life.

Assault and Pepper (Final)



ASSAULT AND PEPPER: A Spice Shop Mystery

By Leslie Budewitz, March 3, 2015; $7.99

First in a New Series

The Agatha Award-winning author of Crime Rib is proud to introduce Pepper Reece, the owner of the Seattle Spice Shop who thinks she can handle any kind of salty customer –until a murderer ends up in the mix.





HOW TO CATCH A CAT: A Cats and Curios Mystery

By Rebecca M. Hale, March 3, 2015; $7.99)

The New York Times bestselling Cats and Curios Mysteries make their return with the sixth book in the series featuring San Francisco. A serial killer with a peculiar penchant for City Hall interns is on the loose in San Francisco and it’s up to me – and my two cats, Rupert and Isabella – to put a stop to the spree.




HORSE OF A DIFFERENT KILLER: A Call of the Wilde Mystery

By Laura Morrigan, March 3, 2015; $7.99

From the national bestselling author of A Tiger’s Tale comes the third book in the series featuring amateur sleuth Grace Wilde. Animal behaviorist Grace Wilde’s psychic ability gives her insight into the minds of all kinds of creatures. If only humans were as easy to read.



9780425273029 (1)




By Laura Bradford, March 3, 2015; $7.99

The national bestselling author of “Shunned and Dangerous” returns to the Amish community of Heavenly, Pennsylvania, in this fourth installment of the series where shop owner Claire Weatherly has come to appreciate a simpler, more peaceful way of life. But dark secrets are about to complicate things – and lead to murder.




MURDER TIES THE KNOT: A Haunted Souvenir Shop Mystery

By Christy Fifield, March 3, 2015, $7.99

From the national bestselling author of Murder Sends a Postcard comes the fourth book in this series featuring down-home dinner menus. It’s winter in Keyhole Bay, Florida, and while the tourist trade is slow, souvenir shop owner Glory Martine is busy with her best friend’s wedding. But between managing preparations, the bride’s in-laws, and a haunted parrot named Bluebeard, Glory makes plans to catch a killer.


9780425273111 (1)



Ladle to the Grave: A Soup Lover’s Mystery

by Connie Archer, March 3, 2015; $7.99

The fourth installment in the series featuring amateur sleuth Lucky Jamieson. Jamieson, owner of Vermont’s most popular soup shop, “By the Spoonful” doesn’t have any time to enjoy her success – she’s too busy trying to keep a lid on false accusations against her loved ones.







STEEPED IN EVIL: A Tea Shop Mystery

By Laura Childs; March 3, 2015; $7.99

Now available in mass market

In the 15th installment of the series, Indigo Tea Shop owner Theodosia Browning heads to a winery where she is about to learn the true meaning of terror.



Demise in Denim



DEMISE IN DENIM: A Consignment Shop Mystery

By Duffy Brown; April 7, 2015; $7.99

It’s springtime in Savannah, Georgia, in the newest Consignment Shop Mystery from the author of Pearls and Poison. The azaleas and magnolias are in bloom – and Walker Boone is on the run.






DARK CHOCOLATE DEMISE: A Cupcake Bakery Mystery

By Jenn McKinlay; April 7, $7.99

The New York Times bestselling Cupcake Bakery Mysteries bake up sweet surprises, but as the series continues in this seventh installment, Mel and Angie are in for a fresh batch of trouble.




Lemon Pies and Little White Lies




By Ellery Adams; April 7, 2015; $7.99

From the New York Times bestselling author of the Books by the Bay series and the Book Retreat mysteries comes the fourth book in this series featuring another tangy slice of life–and death–in a charmed, and charming, small town.


Ella Mae LeFaye’s Charmed Pie Shoppe has become a phenomenon beyond her wildest dreams, providing the enchanted town of Havenwood, Georgia, with spellbinding desserts and magical pies. Her personal life is also heating up as she takes on the responsibilities of leadership within her magical community. In fact, the only thing weighing her down is the fact that handsome Hugh Dylan won’t return her calls…

Still, when Havenwood is rocked by a series of mysterious deaths, Ella Mae must put romantic longings aside—especially when she realizes that the mystical symbols left at each crime scene are dangerously personal. Now she will have to whip up all her supernatural skills to uncover a killer out to settle an ancient score—before the murderer devastates everything Ella Mae is determined to protect…

Shadow of a Spout



SHADOW OF A SPOUT: A Teapot Collector Mystery

By Amanda Cooper; April 7, 2015; $7.99

From the bestselling author of Tempest in a Teapot comes the second installment of this series where avid teapot collector Rose Freemont takes a break from her Victorian tea house only to find a new mystery brewing elsewhere.


Leaving her home in Gracious Grove behind her, Rose is off to the annual convention of the International Teapot Collector’s Society. Her granddaughter Sophie is minding the tea house while she’s away. Rose is eager for tough cookie Zunia Pettigrew to appraise a prized antique teapot she believes may be a holy water vessel from China.

But when Zunia declares the pot a fake, Rose is really steamed. After Zunia’s found dead beside Rose’s dinged-in teapot, Sophie must rush to her grandmother’s aid and find the real killer—before Rose is steeped in any more trouble…


Grave on Grand Avenue

GRAVE ON GRAND AVENUE: An Officer Ellie Rush Mystery

By Naomi  Hirahara; April 7, 2015; $7.99

LAPD bicycle cop—and aspiring homicide detective—Ellie Rush is back on patrol in the newest mystery from the award-winning author of Murder on Bamboo Lane.


Ellie stops for a friendly chat with gardener Eduardo Fuentes while patrolling one of Los Angeles’s premier concert halls. A few minutes later she’s shocked to discover him lying at the bottom of a staircase, clinging to life and whispering something indecipherable. Nearby, the father of Xu, a Chinese superstar classical musician, claims Fuentes was knocked down while attempting to steal his son’s multimillion-dollar cello—a story Ellie has trouble believing.

Meanwhile Ellie has issues of her own to deal with—like the curious theft of her car, a 1969 Pontiac Skylark. But after the gardener takes his last breath and Xu mysteriously disappears, it’s clear to Ellie she must act quickly before someone else falls silent…


A sticky situation


A STICKY SITUATION: A Sugar Grove Mystery

By Jessie Crockett; April 7, 2015; $7.99

The author of Maple Mayhem returns to Sugar Grove, New Hampshire, in the third installment of this series where the Greene family, including Dani’s irksome Aunt Hazel, are busy preparing for the annual Maple Festival. But nothing kills the festive spirit like murder.


Aunt Hazel isn’t exactly sweet, but she’s not the only one putting syrup maker Dani in a sour mood. Her family is trying to help renovate the town’s Opera House, but their contractor Russ Collins seems to specialize in finely crafted excuses. And his latest one is killer.

In the Opera House basement, Russ uncovers the remains of Spooner Duffy, a charming drifter thought to have skipped town decades ago with a hefty sum of the town’s money. Tapping into some unpleasant memories, Spooner’s bones also threaten to reveal a murderer’s secret, and now it’s up to Dani to catch a killer before the town is stuck with a deadly reputation.

Recipes included!


a fright to the death


A FRIGHT TO THE DEATH: A Family Fortune Mystery

By Dawn Eastman; April 7, 2015; $7.99

From the author of “Be Careful What You Witch For” comes the third Family Fortune Mystery starring former cop Clyde Fortune, who — snowbound with her kooky family in a creepy castle — is climbing the walls and combing the halls, looking for a cold-blooded killer.