double fudge brownie murderDouble Fudge Brownie Murder

A Hannah Swenson Mystery

By Joanne Fluke

Kensington Books

Mystery, hardcover

published: Feb. 24, 2015


Book setting: Lake Eden, Minn.


This is a time of celebration and change for Cookie Shop owner Hannah Swensen. But the joy of her mother’s Las Vegas wedding is short lived as Hannah must now face the reality of a trial for killing a man during a storm and finding the body of a judge in his chambers next to the weapon that silenced him. What an ironic place to be killed in a hall of justice.

While Hannah is trying to decide if she should marry Mike or Norman or give another relationship a chance, she also feels compelled to find out who murdered the well-respected judge.

Hannah begins her investigation by speaking to a clerk, who assisted the murdered judge. She learned what the judge did for her before he died and that one of the lawyers, who comes to the courthouse, has a temper. Makes you wonder if he’s a suspect.

The question is who murdered the judge? Was it the judge’s widow, Nora, ex-wife Sheila, his son, Seth, or his former mistress, Margaret? I was just wondering where the judge had time for all these women in his life.

As always Hannah is never afraid to do what she must to find the truth. Everyone thinks they are innocent and that they know the truth. Anyone of the women in the judge’s life could have wanted a bigger slice of his financial pie. The man was beyond his prime and greed makes one wonder about wills. But there is also the element of the unknown clue or individual. This is the one that hits you in the face and makes you lose your balance momentarily. I’m not going to tell you what happens. Read the book and find out. As for who Hannah decides to spend the rest of her life with, all you reviewers get over it. A woman, even a fictional character, can make up her own mind. The only thing that I didn’t like was Hannah’s trial was dismissed as if it was nothing. That’s not how it would be in real life.

three and a half extremely rich brownies out of five


April 29, 2015