2) Ode to the Moon - Facundo Raganato

“Ode to the Moon”
by Facundo Raganato

O for where shall I start?
Where shall I begin?
For I too have been somewhere, you know
and I too have seen you there,
Nowhere is, my friend, somewhere, between here and there, I have been,
You do not know, you do not know . . .
For I too have been the Devil and a Saint, and I too have sinned,
but as I have been forgiven, you must forgive me too,
and please do me so,
You do not know, you do not know . . .
that Magic lies within your bottle like an Elixir of Life,
that you have all the Power you would ever need, and even more!
Living inside, like a Hermit waiting for Enlightenment to come, when it’s All there!
In the ways the Future and the Past cast there, intertwined: Lines upon your Hand, between the Fate and your “so called” Free Will, beneath the buried Sands resting so still! Between the Forgotten letters of Literature lies the lilac lyrical Mysticism of the Truth! Of those Masters of Knowledge, of those Fools of the Heart, of those Artists and Musicians, of Singers and Painters, Adventurers and Divine Beings, Living There with You . . .

O my friends . . .
My Love . . .
You do not know . . . you do not know . . .
For it is better to regret the things tried, failed and done, than regret the opportunities missed and past,
because one day You too will be gone!

O how shall I Speak?
How shall I Listen to You?
For I love you more than you would ever feel,
More than you will never Know!
For my words can never mark that power within your lighted Magic Moon!
They shall be translucent, clear as water, open sky, transcendental and sublime!
Consciousness, perhaps . . .
For I love you more than I could ever Paint! Even with all the Colors that our eyes can See; Beyond the multi-paradoxical perspectives Human Minds can box inside this Being!
O you don’t know . . . you still don’t know . . .
For I shall love you more than all the white keys can ever harmonize with the black night keys,
even in a minor note . . .
And I shall love you even more than I can ever Be!

We are all chained to the Energies that move the synchronicity of Space and Time,
and the Verse of the Universe will always play on and on, through us, on and on . . .
as Strings in a Lullaby . . .

We are all in the intense depthness of this Ocean, powerful as a Scorpio; rooted as a Capricorn or a Taurus as well; ‘Free’ as a Sagittarius would say; drowned in the Pisces pools of our Sensitivity; beating to the heart of a Cancer or a Leo; blowing to the thought-minds of a Libra, of  an Aquarius and a Gemini too!

O you still don’t know . . . and you still don’t know . . .
for then, I still shall repeat!
You are Wizards of your way, All Gold and Misfortune as One,
O Great powerful, Know-it-all, Simple and Innocent One
As a an Aries would create, in the Imagination of your Creation, of your Knowledge, Wisdom and Truth!

Beauty! O beauty of such and Such!
Beauty of whomever you Are or shall ever Be!
Old True Eternal Beauty of Whomever Thou Shall Art, Present, Future or Past!
Break the boundaries from what you Believe to be right!
Break away from the parameters of this World and this Reality- We are so Blind!
Break away from where you were bound to Be, and from the when-where of ‘you were first Born’!
From all the normalities you take from; from the All’s of rules and the rules of All!
Do go and Create,
Chaos I say;
Do go and Dare!
As long as thou “Perfectionate,” (as a Virgo would say)
Your Philosopher’s Stone!

O you still don’t know . . . and you still don’t know . . .
but I shall meet you there . . .
In between the lines that separates the Here and There,
in the Twilight sun, in the Midnight hour, in the Silver glass, in the Cyan spoon!

Go, my Friends,
My Love,
Do Go and reach, that which still you don’t know but yet, you will teach!
Go and place thy foot strong-rooted on the ground as the Earth grows,
Play the soothing and troubling emotions of thy Waters as they sway back and forth like Nature’s calling in the sea,
Fly the winds of this sailing Life that whirl and turn the Wings up and down, Free as a Feather in the Sky, thoughts of thoughts,
Do go,
O please Do so!
Fly and Burn!
Burn the ashes of the Fire that will soon be gone
And Ignite! Ignite as the mighty Being you were created to Be!
The plasma of this Magic runs Here!
With the Light of the Sun and the Shadow of the Moon!
Cast the spell of the illusion and the Truth it shall become!
All this
and then some more . . .

Written by Facundo Raganato in an Impulsive Inspiration from the Moon
July 11, 2014 at 12:00 a.m.
All rights reserved.