We asked  Toni Holmes from the Baker’s Treat gluten-free mystery series:

  1. What new thing would you try? Barrel racing

2. What would make you say no?  Bull riding

3. What do you get too much of? Family opinions

4. And not enough?  Sleep

5. What fear have you conquered? Fitting in

6. Not quite yet? Failure

7. What are you getting better at? Baking Gluten-free

8. What are you getting worse at? Dating

9. What would you pay good money for? A new mixer

10. What wouldn’t you take even if it were free?  An apartment in Chicago

11. Do you have a career highlight? Opening my gluten free bakery, Baker’s Treat

12. And low point? Struggling to catch the guy who is framing my brother Tim.

13. What are you endlessly curious about? How to make food gluten free.

14. And zero interest in? Cow tipping

15. What do you empathize with? Innocent people accused of a crime they didn’t commit

16. What do you have no sympathy for? Killers9780425252604

17. What is worth the wait? Love

18. What do you have no patience for? People who dismiss food allergies

19. What’s always cool? Birthday cake – gluten free, of course

20. What’s never cool? Dismissing someone for needing a special diet

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