Death and DiamondsDeath and White Diamonds

By Jeff Markowitz

Intrigue Publishing

Trade paperback

250 pages, $14.95

Warning: Do not eat when you read this. lol.

In Jeff Markowitz’s dark humorous murder mystery “Death and White Diamonds” we find Richie in an impossible situation: his co-worker Lorraine was lying dead on the beach and he woke to find he held a knife. Their romantic getaway wasn’t suppose to end in murder. He knew there was no way he could be responsible for what he witnessed. He had no knowledge of the nightmare before him, but knew he just became the prime suspect. So what is a “new lover” to do?

Get rid of the body.

He does it in the only way that comes to mind. Though he believes he’s innocent, the knife of justice just seems to inch its way further into his back. Instead of going to the authorities, he completes the task of removing her from the face of the earth so she can’t be identified.

Richie’s situation only seems to get further complicated when his plan to scatter Lorraine’s remains into the lake receives a little more attention then he wanted. His choice of bait is a hit and a boat captain asks for a bucketful. This only leads to the truth. So know Richie’s life is further complicated with an even bigger involvement: the murder of the Captain and then the Captain’s mother when she notices the body in the trunk of the car. It would seem the simplest solution would be to scout out a vacant spot on the upper deck of a ferry and dump Lorraine over the side between Port Salmon and Rocky Point. His plan backfires, when he isn’t allowed in the hold to get his bag.

If you think this is the end of an adventure on “the dark side,” you’re wrong.  Richie gets himself in a whole lot of trouble and involves a number of other people along the way.

I’m not a lover of dark humor, but there’s something about this book that draws you in. Maybe it’s how the characters were “crazy” in a normal kind of way. The plot is well paced. It’s gross on a whole new level of “what the Hell!” but funny at the same time. Jeff has an unusual sense of humor that has to be admired. He says it like it is and doesn’t hold back. The detective, a girlfriend of one of the victims, the two stupid dudes, all great characters. I don’t think I would have changed anything about this book, other than making it a movie.

four and a half bottles of cheap wine out of five

Denise Fleischer


June 23, 2015