From the office of





“On the beautiful shore of Lake Ontario in Sandy Harbor, New York,

where comfort is our business!”

Greetings from Sandy Harbor, New York!

Another winter in Sandy Harbor, another blizzard, and another roof caves in!   This time it was our beautiful Greek Revival-style library’s roof.  We lost thousands of books to the elements, and the marble floors turned into marble ice skating rinks.

I found myself in charge of the fundraiser to restore the library and replenish the books.  Also helping me were the founding members of Gamma Gamma Gamma Sorority-the ones who were still in town anyway.  They call themselves the Tri-Gams for short.  We decided to hold a macaroni and cheese contest and the judge was (wait for it!) none other than TV chef Priscilla Finch-Smythe herself.  Okay… she grew up in Sandy Harbor with the name of Mabel Cronk, and she didn’t have a British accent like she has now, but that’s another story.

I won’t go into detail, but just after she announced the winner of the macaroni and cheese contest, she was found dead-by me!-half-buried in a snowbank.  She was strangled with her own scarf-a scarf which every contestant and spectator saw me holding.

Everyone thought I had sour grapes because I didn’t win.  Oh, please!  Everyone knew that my mac and cheese entry with salsa and kielbasa was fabulous, but there aren’t enough sour grapes in the world that would cause me to strangle anyone, for heaven’s sake!

Deputy Sheriff Ty Brisco, our local Houston, Texas, transplant, insisted that Antoinette Chloe Brownelli monitor me under house arrest.  But ACB and I have to sneak out every now and then because I have to find out who really killed Mabel Cronk…I mean Priscilla Finch-Smythe.

And the suspects are piling up like driftwood on the shore of Lake Ontario.

CHRISTINE WENGER- AUTHOR PIC 9780451474087 (2)Sandy Harbor’s local historian CHRISTINE WENGER has painstakingly documented the details of the contest and Priscilla’s visit in MACARONI AND FREEZE.  She also wants you to know that the Sandy Harbor-ians are as quirky as ever, particularly ACB who will not give up her flip-flops for winter boots no matter how deep the snow!

Well, Blondie is barking.  I think she has to go out.

Life is good at the lake.  Come visit!

Trixie  Matkowski