9780425259689 (1)hyzy author picIt’s that time again! To celebrate the publication of Grace Cries Uncle, my sixth Manor House Mystery, I’ve come up with a quick, easy quiz that I know readers will soar through. Answers are provided below, so no worries if you get one wrong, but I’d love to hear how you do! Let me know on:

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Ready to play? Let’s go!

  • Readers first encounter Marshfield Manor in Grace Under Pressure. What is it, and where is it located?
  1. An old, haunted house outside of Boston
  2. A mansion/tourist attraction/museum in North Carolina
  3. A pet spa in Southern California
  4. A bookstore in Canada
  • Who is the newest “member of the family” readers meet in Grace Interrupted?
  1. Golden Retriever named Shadow
  2. Black Labrador named K’Ehleyr
  3. Siamese cat named Galena
  4. Tuxedo cat named Bootsie
  • What does Grace defend herself with in the climactic scene in Grace Among Thieves?
  1. Bennett’s treasured antique sword
  2. She doesn’t defend herself; she waits to be saved by someone else.
  3. A high-stakes game of Rock, Paper, Scissors
  4. She sings so badly the assailant runs screaming away
  • Where does Grace Takes Off open?
  1. Chicago, IL
  2. Paris, France
  3. Florence, Italy
  4. Madrid, Spain
  • In Grace Against the Clock, where is the titular clock located?
  1. In a blighted section of Emberstowne
  2. In Marshfield’s banquet hall
  3. In Grace’s imagination
  4. There is no clock
  • I know you haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure you know this: What test does Bennett finally convince Grace to take in Grace Cries Uncle?
  1. The SAT
  2. Driver’s License
  3. DNA test to determine if Bennett and Grace are related
  4. Pregnancy test
  • Who is most likely to cause trouble in Grace Cries Uncle?
  1. Bennett, who constantly strives to keep Grace safe
  2. Scott and Bruce, who supply Grace with unconditional support, and plenty of wine
  3. Bootsie, who sits in Grace’s lap and purrs contentedly
  4. Liza, Grace’s estranged sister, who shows up without warning looking for a place to stay.


1 – b) A mansion/tourist attraction/museum in North Carolina

2 – d) Tuxedo cat named Bootsie

3 – a) Bennett’s treasured antique sword

4 – c) Florence, Italy

5 – a) In a blighted section of Emberstowne

6 – c) DNA test to determine if Bennett and Grace are related

7 – d) Liza, Grace’s estranged sister. Just wait until you see what trouble she stirs up!