Whenever I’m at the beginning of a new book, I ask this question: Why would Hayley Snow, a food critic who is not trained in any police procedures, get involved with trying to solve this crime? Usually, the answer ends up having to do with her trying to help someone she cares about very much.

In FATAL RESERVATIONS, the sixth Key West mystery, her dear friend Lorenzo the Tarot card reader is suspected of murder. I thought you might enjoy hearing his point of view…

Fatal one

LORENZO: I can’t tell you how often I get this question: Do you tell good fortunes or bad?

I hardly know how to answer, except to say: You draw the cards, and then you allow me to see what’s there. I simply tell you what I see. There’s no such thing as a bad card really, that’s what I try to explain.

fatal two

Well, one exception maybe. The Tower. People hate to draw the Tower–it scares them, with flames licking and lightening bolts and people flinging themselves out of the building. Some kind of change is coming, that’s what it means.

And my poor friend Hayley Snow, she’s drawn that card more times than I can count. And it freaks her out every time. I’m not talking out of turn when I say that girl finds more trouble than anyone on this island.

But this is always my advice when I see something in her cards that she doesn’t like: There are two worlds, a world of fear and a world of love. And you get to choose which one you’ll live in.

And second, if you don’t work through your pain, you don’t grow. But this time, I’m going through what so many of my clients have experienced—I can’t see what’s in my own future. I only know there’s some terrible trouble brewing. And I’m learning that it’s not so easy choosing between fear and love…

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Hayley Snow looks forward to reviewing For Goodness’ Sake, a new floating restaurant that promises a fresh take on Japanese delicacies like flambeed grouper with locally sourced seaweed. But nearby land-based restaurateurs would rather see their buoyant competition sink. Sent to a City Commission meeting to cover the controversy, Hayley witnesses another uproar. The quirky performers of the daily Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square are struggling to hold onto their performance space. And this fight has renewed old rivalries between Hayley’s Tarot-card reading friend Lorenzo and a flaming-fork-juggling nemesis, Bart Frontgate. Then Frontgate is found murdered. If Lorenzo could read his own cards, he might draw The Hanged Man. He can only hope that Hayley draws Justice as she tries to clear him of murder.

About the Author

Lucy Burdette writes the Key West food critic mystery series. FATAL RESERVATIONS will be in bookstores on July 7. You can read more about the books on Lucy’s website, www.lucyburdette.com. Follow her on Facebook (www.facebook.com/lucyburdette), or Twitter @LucyBurdette, or Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/robertaisleib)