From the national bestselling author of Weave of Absence comes a mystery set in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, where weaving studio owner Della Wright finds herself tangled up in murder….Della and her friend Jenny are remodeling Dream Weaver, turning their shared business space into two separate shops. But after the work is completed, building inspector Howard Swanson refuses to grant Jenny the permit to reopen her coffee shop. Determined to get to the bottom of the hold-up, Della heads to Howard’s office to defend Jenny’s livelihood, only to find the inspector dead—and the police spinning a yarn about Della being responsible. Although Della’s boyfriend, Matthew, an ex-FBI criminologist, claims there’s no need to worry, Della is convinced that the cops have it in for her. Now she must nab the real killer before she’s shuttled off to jail…

Features weaving tips!

Praise for the Weaving Mysteries

“I really love it when I find a new series and can’t put down the book until I finish it. —MyShelf.com

“Engaging characters, a puzzling mystery, and the promise of romance.”—Amanda Lee, author of — Thread End

“Sufficiently devious.”– Fresh Fiction