Berried Secrets by Peg Cochran, A Cranberry Cove Mystery, Berkley Prime Crime, 7.99, 292 pages, paperback.

(Okay, it’s really only seven.)

I’ve been asked to write several blogs to celebrate the release of Berried Secrets, first in my new Cranberry Cove Series.  I decided it would be fun to interview myself!  If there are any more questions you’d like me to answer, let me know!

What’s the first thing you ever wrote?

A very bad play that I forced my cousins to perform at Christmas dinner.  I was seven years old.  My cousins are finally speaking to me again.

Did you continue to write after that?

Yes.  One time my father came home with a typewriter—the old manual kind.  I faked sick the next day so I could stay home from school and practice typing on it.  I figured I would be able to write faster that way.  My great-aunt Elsa had given me this gift for Christmas—it was a theater that came with scenery for several different plays along with plastic figures.  You could slide in the scenery and put on the plays.  But instead of following the scripts in the book that came with it—I made up my own.

How would you describe your early writing?

It was like my knitting—full of holes and with no end in sight!

Do you collect anything writing related like pens or notebooks?

For a long time I collected rejection slips—400 in a two year period!  I do collect interesting names that I come across in my job or reading the paper.  One day I discovered (all at the same time) Mingledorf, Hoogerwerf, Dingledyne, Rumble and Mudget.  Too bad I wasn’t writing Harry Potter!

What’s the hardest part about writing?

Getting started.  That first word.  That first sentence.  You want it to be the very best first sentence and the pressure can stop you in your tracks.

What’s the biggest boo-boo you’ve made in one of your books?

I’m sure there are worse ones that I don’t know about but the one that stands out is the book where I had my protagonist arrive at a meeting in her friend’s borrowed Taurus and leave in her Mini Cooper which was supposed to be in the shop!  A lot of astute readers picked up on that.

What’s your favorite food?  (Someone always asks that.)

Lobster.  But it’s pretty hard to come by (affordably) in the Midwest.  And maybe it’s my favorite because I don’t get to eat it more than once every couple of years.  I adore roast chicken (I’m a dark meat girl) and mashed potatoes.  And anything crunchy like chips and nuts.  And rognons de veau.  Just kidding.  Those are veal kidneys, but it sounds impressive doesn’t it?  What are your favorite foods?