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A Finely Knit Murder

A Seaside Knitters Mystery

By Sally Goldenbaum

Obsidian Mysteries



May 5, 2015

Murder crashes an elegant fundraiser for Sea Harbor Community Day School in Massachusetts. The quiet and calm residents had just learned about a fired art teacher making a scene on the school grounds and now this. At the tail end of the event, one of the school board members goes missing. Blythe Sheffield, who thinks she’s the queen bee of the town, is not an easy woman to miss. She’s glamorous, think she’s entitled to run the school because her family owns the mansion, and everyone has to act on her wishes. Well, the sizeable rock bashing into her skull ended her self-appointed reign. The eternally quiet Blythe is found near the school’s unused boathouse. Whether she knew her murderer or didn’t see him/her coming is a mystery for now.

What Police Chief Jerry Thompson has to figure out is who and why Blythe was murdered. Close friends and fellow Seaside Knitters: Nell, Izzy, Cass and Birdie will be a step behind him in trying to make sense of it all. The suspect list is like a mile long considering that all the school guests were present during Blythe’s murder. On the top of the list is recently fired art teacher Josh Babson. Not really too sure why Blythe wanted him fired. Then there’s School board member Barrett Mansfield and his wife Chelsey, who want their daughter, Anna, to be mainstreamed with other students. Blythe felt she was below average and therefore didn’t have a right to be educated at the school. The day school’s Headmistress, Elizabeth Hartley, PhD, was the current target of Blythe’s rantings. Apparently she felt she wasn’t fulfilling her responsibilities to the best of her ability, therefore should be yanked out of the job. Her cousin, Bob, could also have been greedy and didn’t want to share co-owned property, even though he was eager to see the guilty party found.

My thoughts: Loved the cover because it focused on both the women teaching knitting and the mysterious boathouse. The font size was just right for my middle-aged eyes. The Cast of Characters is a great addition because otherwise you wouldn’t be able to keep up with who is who. I liked the fact that the women were a close knit group. I did find it a little difficult, not being able to establish one main character. Nell and Birdie are the closest I can come to the leads. The plot kept my interest to the very end. There are numerous suspects, which lead you to believe any of them had a possible motive, means and opportunity.

Four boat houses out of five

Denise Fleischer


August 16, 2015