A Retired Witches Mystery

By Joyce and Jim Lavene

Berkley Prime Crime

paperback $7.99

October 6, 2015

Centuries ago, water was considered bad for people. They didn’t bathe much or drink it. Partly this was because people had become sick from drinking contaminated water. Many people even became sick or died by bathing too much, according to those who knew someone who fell ill immediately after taking a bath. So Europeans smelled bad for a long time as they kept themselves safe from water’s evil properties.

In the New World, Native Americans bathed regularly and drank water eagerly. But their water supplies weren’t tainted by cities dumping waste into them so they considered water to be purifying and even magical. This made them clean and free of lice. They were disgusted when they learned of the lack of European hygiene.

Witches have always used water to purify themselves and their tools before working on spells. Water energy is used in spells for love, fertility, friendship, healing, and sleep. A chalice is usually the altar tool to represent the element of water. Rarely do witches use tap water though. They mostly use rainwater for its purity.

Back to the European way of thinking about water – what we have in our tap water isn’t always what we want in our spells!