9780425275245Black Cat Crossing

By Kay Finch

Berkley Prime Crime Mystery

296 pages, paperback

Sept. 2015

All Sabrina Tate had in mind when she quit her job as a Houston paralegal was to help her Aunt Rowena through her recovery. Her fall led to a concussion and a broken leg. So Sabrina moved into the Monte Carlo cottage on her aunt’s property in Lavendar, Texas. During her free time, Sabrina heads over to Hot Stuff Coffee Shop to try to get in the writing mood.

It wasn’t writer’s block that stops her from writing, but Bobby Joe Flowers, an annoying relative that claims he’s Aunt Rowe’s baby brother. Rowe not only believes there’s no evidence to the fact, she hits him over the head for even saying such a thing. Unfortunately, there’s witnesses, guests who arrive early and see the encounter. That’s not a good thing, considering soon after a black cat, which the town is afraid of, leads Sabrina to Bobby Joe’s lifeless body on the riverbank. You don’t have to be a detective to guess who Deputy Patricia Rosales believes is a leading suspect in the murder case. Digging a deeper hole is a guest spotting Rowe out at night even though she is injured and has a difficult time getting around. The opportunity and motive would suggest she’s in big trouble with the law…unless Sabrina and her friends can prove it’s all a matter of circumstance and that someone else not only wanted the scumbag dead, but did the honors.

This is a fun read. The characters are likable, even Hitchcock, the black cat. I loved Sabrina’s aunt. The plot wasn’t rushed and keeps your interest through its twists and turns. It’s true what Kay says that people are still very superstitious when it comes to black cats. I’m curious to know how Hitchcock kept getting out of the cottage. Though I caught a hint of it in the story. There’s something mysterious about him.

Also, I find it amazing that there are people who can simply approach relatives and those they are in a relationship with and con them out of money and not give a damn.

Hope to read more of Kay Finch’s books to see if Sabrina becomes and author and what Hitchcock is up to.

Four black cats out of five

Denise Fleischer


October 24, 2015