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INTO-THE-FURY-Product-ImageToday’s author has to think outside of the box when it comes to promoting his or her book. That’s what Kat Martin is doing! Kat knows the power of blog tours and the social media as well as magazine promotion. Kat’s blog tour stop dates on Gotta Write are Jan. 11, 19 and Feb. 8 and 14. Now she’s taken it a step further by allowing gottawritenetwork.wordpress.com to set up up a virtual book table in my Second Life coffee shop. Second Life allows people in every country that has internet to hop in-world to experience art, music, role play, education and more. You can even listen to music while sitting on the moon, dance in a ballroom, or view artwork in a gallery. The account is free, you create an avatar and then you walk, fly, swim to any of the public sims.  (You have to pay to rent or buy clothes.) FYI, there are several sims dedicated to writers. Imagine that!

When you come to my Snug Harbor sim coffee shop, you see Kat’s book in 3D form, and if you click on it, you get the first chapter of “Into the Fury” and her bio statement. If Kat wants, I can add her booksigning schedule, press releases, pictures of her during conferences, etc.

IM me in Facebook if you would like more information about a virtual table. Or if you have a Second Life account (secondlife.com) IM me there. I’m Netera Landar. Be sure to stop in the coffee shop and visit the gallery upstairs. Through February 2016, I’m presenting the “Iconic Women” exhibit featuring historic photos and quotes of women who dared to swim against the tide of society. H.G. Wells will follow in the Spring.