INTO-THE-FURY-Product-ImageHow many opportunities do you get to hear from the protagonist in a novel? Well, Gotta Write arranged for Kat Martin to set up an exclusive interview with Ethan, the tall, dark and handsome security representative from Brodie Operations. Read it below and check out Kat’s new book “Into the Fury.”

GWN: Hi Ethan, first of all I’d like to know what were your first impressions when you read the threatening note Matthew Carlyle, Head of Operations at La Belle Lingerie, received?

ETHAN: I figured it was probably a hoax, but it’s always better to play it safe.

GWN: When you saw Carlyle’s scar, were you thinking he had enemies?

ETHAN: The note didn’t mention the guy.  The scar looked old.  I didn’t figure there was any connection.

GWN: Why do you think the client believes the note came from one of the backstage workers?

ETHAN: I think it was a possibility he considered. He wanted to find the guy before the problem could escalate any further.

GWN: How long have you worked for Brodie Operations? 

ETHAN: Three years.

GWN: Is it more difficult working for your family?

ETHAN: Easier and more fun.  They’re great guys and I know I can count on them.

GWN: Why did you leave your job as a homicide detective?

ETHAN: I was tired of taking orders.  And I had family in Seattle. Good to be back with my cousins.  It was even better after my brother, Luke, decided to join us.

GWN: Is this one of the most difficult cases you’ve worked on and why?

ETHAN: It was difficult because I got personally involved.  Never a good idea.  Once Val became more to me than just a client, the job got more difficult.  Protecting her became all important.

GWN: What do you learn about human nature when you solve a case?

ETHAN: Depends on the case.  In this case, I learned something I already knew:  people will do almost anything for money.

GWN: Do you ever want to break away from security work and start a new career?

ETHAN: This is a new career.  I was a cop.  Now I work for myself.  It’s interesting and challenging.

GWN: Thanks for the interview, Ethan. Can’t wait to read more about your experience.

ETHAN: Great talking to you.



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