A Guest Blog Post

By Janet Cantrell

Near the beginning of Fat Cat Takes the Cake, an invitation arrives for Chase Oliver’s 14th year class reunion. She’s delighted, at first. She thinks about all the classmates she hasn’t seen since graduation and would love to find out what happened to them. Then she remembers one she doesn’t want to see.

For myself, I attended my 5th and 10th, and my husband and I went to some later ones, but the last one was the end, because we came home to find him laid off. He’s superstitiously refused to go to another one since then! I do sometimes wonder why he never wants to go to his own.

One of mine was a lot of fun. It included a tour of places in my hometown that I didn’t know existed. It was conducted by a classmate who had never moved away and is a local history enthusiast. It was interesting seeing how we all turned out, and some were not as I would ever have expected. Among the sports heroes and cheerleaders who didn’t move away, there seemed to be a form of wife-swapping going on, as some had divorced and married each other’s spouses.

That’s not what happens at Chase’s reunion, but I’ll bet you can guess what does happen. What always happens in a cozy murder mystery, after all?

Have you had some memorable reunions? Or do you avoid them, as my husband does?

Oh yes, you may be wondering about why there is a 14-year reunion, rather than 15. Chase does, too!



By Janet Cantrell, Berkley Prime Crime Paperback, 293 pages, $7.99