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A Guest Blog Post

If you’ve followed my Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries since the beginning, you know that Rose Winters is the oldest character. She’s frail, and showing signs of growing health issues, but boy can she be feisty. Especially when it comes to holding her own against her longtime nemesis, Leona Elkin.

Now, with that in mind, imagine my surprise when I sat down to plot out the eleventh book in the series (NEEDLE AND DREAD) and discover Rose has decided to go into business…with Leona, of all people.

I considered nixing the idea the moment it formed as a plot point in my head (because, really, what good could come of such a union), but Rose and Leona persisted. Even more bizarre was the fact that Leona (the money behind the operation) was okay with opening a sewing shop, of all things.

But for Leona, the shop is a chance to save a little face with her fellow sewing circle members for some of the cruel things she’s done and said to Rose along the way. For Rose, the shop is a new lease on life—a reason to get up in the morning despite the growing aches and pains plaguing her body.

Determined to make the shop a success, Rose and Leona host a craft weekend for a handful of women from elsewhere in the state. A project is selected, supplies are provided, their fellow sewing sisters pitch in, and treats are enjoyed by all the guests.

Well, all the guests except the one not-so-nice guest found dead in the project room—with a sewing machine cord wrapped around her neck.

Ah yes, details.

Needless to say, business isn’t looking good for Leona and Rose’s joint business venture. And Rose’s new lease on life? Yeah, that’s in danger, too…


Elizabeth Lynn Casey is the pseudonym for Laura Bradford.  Laura (aka Elizabeth) is the author of several mystery series and a handful of romance novels. She is a former Agatha Award nominee and the recipient of an RT Reviewer’s Choice Award.  In her free time, Laura enjoys making memories with her family, baking, playing games, and catching up with friends. In addition to the Southern Sewing Circle Mysteries she writes as Elizabeth Lynn Casey, Laura also pens the Amish Mysteries and the upcoming Emergency Dessert Squad Mysteries (Éclair and Present Danger, Book # 1, will debut in June).

For more information, visit Laura’s website: www.laurabradford.com  or get to know her even better on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/laurabradfordauthor, and on Twitter:  @bradfordauthor and @elizabethlcasey.


NEEDLE AND DREAD: A Southern Sewing Circle Mystery

by Elizabeth Lynn Casey, April 5, 2016, $7.99.

The Sweet Briar Ladies Society Sewing Circle is needled by the death of a highly strung woman in the new mystery by the author of Wedding Duress.

Downtown Sweet Briar is now home to a new sewing shop run by one of the circle’s own. With the help and support of her fellow members, Rose is determined to make SewTastic a success, and, to that end, she decides to sponsor a series of do-it-yourself weekends for sewing enthusiasts.

But when a group arrives at SewTastic to work on a project, a loud and argumentative guest pushes everyone’s buttons. And when she winds up dead in Rose’s project room—strangled by a sewing machine power cord—it’s up to Tori and the gang to stitch together the clues before Rose’s reason for living is ripped apart at the seams.