9780425270370Pepper Pomeroy is back in business in the third installment of the Perfect Proposal Series, Newlywed Dead. This time she has new challenges to face such as two moms who are more interested in a proposal than the groom and bride-to-be and a bride-to-be who insists on being involved in every step of her proposal and still being surprised. Pepper loves her new business, and discovers that working with the public is never dull.

Newlywed Dead opens with Felcitiy’s much anticipated wedding. Things go off without a hitch-that is until one of the bartenders at the reception crumbles to the ground. Pepper tries her best to revive the young woman, but she is pronounced dead once she arrives at the hospital.

Thankfully, it was late enough that the bride and groom had already left.  Pepper worries that when Felicity finds out about the young woman’s death her sister will feel her entire marriage is cursed.  So Pepper is on a mission. But then the autopsy comes back as an overdose of drugs and alcohol and the police declared it accidental. Pepper had spent time talking to the dead bartender during the reception. She is certain there was nothing accidental about the over dose.  Meddling or not, Pepper is compelled to ensure that the mystery is solved and the killer found before her sister returns from her honeymoon.

Do you think it’s bad luck to have a funeral on a wedding day? When my brother got married we had to wait to decorate the church because of a funeral scheduled before my brother’s happy event. Some people said it was a bad omen. What do you believe brings good or bad fortune to a marriage?

About the book: NEWLYWED DEAD By Nancy J. Parra, Berkley, May 3, 2016, mass market paperback, 276 pages.