GWN: First of all, it’s great to meet you both. I’m always interested in learning about writing teams. A husband and wife being co-authors seems to be a real challenge in terms of plot decision making, style, and everything else. How do you manage?

Well it’s great to meet you too! The duo writing is surprisingly far less challenging than one might think because we are so different and play to one another’s strengths. Sasha is just freaking funny. The witty, clever, adorable kind of funny.  This worked perfectly for building the constant banter between Violina and Lux in Inevitable Ascension and made them very lovable. Meanwhile, Andrew was the brains behind the story. The whole thing is a giant jigsaw puzzle of twists and is very intricately crafted. He also has a knack for making the action sequences really vivid. 

GWN: When did you start writing together? Is “Inevitable Ascension” your first writing project? 


So it’s not much of a secret that we’re a bit on the nerdy side. One fateful date-night in late 2013, we were playing Dungeons and Dragons, and the way we play is without manuals or pre-made stories or anything.  Andrew just makes up the story from his imagination and Sasha gets to experience it on an adventure. Well, by the end of it, we realized we had a story so fresh and original that (in our ever-so-humble opinion) surpassed the popular books/movies at the time—equal parts clever, hilarious and terrifying. From that day forward, we’ve been writing.

 GWN:  Tell us about the storyline without giving too much away.

 “The innocent never waver from doing what’s right, even if it means drowning the world in fire.”

Violina, a girl polarized by love and loathing, finds herself thrown into a post-apocalyptic world with mankind on the brink of extinction. Discovering the means to travel back in time, she sets out to save the world by preventing the events leading up to the apocalypse. But as her quest advances, she becomes increasingly disgusted by the evil inherent to humanity and seeks lethal justice against all who wrong her—a list that grows exponentially until it encompasses all of mankind. 

GWN: What kind of life did your protagonist live before her dark adventure?

With the exception of Lux, who is a wonderful person in pretty much every way you can think of, Violina was never too impressed with people in general.  She had been burned and betrayed by almost everyone she knew for as long as she could remember, so her goal at the ripe young age of 21, was to become self-sufficient to the point where she and Lux could isolate themselves from the world and live life in peace and happiness. This plan, of course, goes south when the adventure of Inevitable Ascension begins.

It’s also interesting to note that while the events of Inevitable Ascension are dark in nature, Violina and Lux are charming, light-hearted and 100% lovable.

GWN: What does your future look like? Are there any governments?

The future became a dismal place after the Second Sun, an entity believed by many to be God himself, lit the world on fire. The skies are toxic, the earth is dead and what’s left of mankind is divided into two groups: the refugees, those who hide in the wilderness scraping to survive, and the Separatists, a group of fanatics who believe that life is a prison for the soul, and only in death can people truly be free. They thus put off their own deaths to (in their minds) nobly go forth and murder everyone they can find with the extinction of mankind being the ultimate goal. 

GWN: Does she have control of returning home? 

Not until she takes control by force. J

GWN: What makes her think she can take on the future by stopping the events which lead to the apocalypse? What is she up against? 

As she learns what caused the apocalypse, she and Lux realize that if they could go back and kill the man responsible (kind of like killing Hitler before he took power), they could save everything. 

GWN:  Is Lux able to assist her?

Lux is, as Violina puts it, the only dependable specimen in the universe. They are 100% loyal to one another in the face of the atrocities they come up against.

GWN: What was the most difficult part about writing this book?

Ethically speaking, we aimed for the center of a very grey area.  Half of our readers agree with the actions taken by Violina, saying she was justified, while the other half believe that she went too far. Creating ethical dilemmas where both sides can be debated equally is nothing short of a tricky, but rewarding task. 

GWN: Who created the artwork?

Andrew did! Isn’t he good? I’m so proud of him. You can see more of it at www.inevitableascension.com