Kate_author_picNew York Times bestselling author Kate Carlisle is a native Californian who worked in television production for many years before turning to writing. It was a lifelong fascination with the art and craft of bookbinding that led her to write the Bibliophile Mysteries, featuring Brooklyn Wainwright, whose bookbinding and restoration skills invariably uncover old secrets, treachery and murder. Visit Kate online at www.KateCarlisle.com.

By Kate Carlisle

I love people who love books. Anyone who reads regularly is primo with me, no matter what kind of book they prefer. No judgments, it’s all good!

That said, there’s one thing that I super-love about classic mystery readers: they love to learn.

9780451477705Yes, yes, it can be said that all readers love to learn, but mystery readers take it to another level. They love learning so much that classic mystery writers create entire series based on characters with unusual jobs. In thrillers, the main character’s job is almost always in law enforcement. In romance, the main character’s job is often beside the point.

Fans of classic mystery want a great whodunit, yes, but they also want to acquire knowledge. Bibliophile Mystery readers tell me that they love the nitty-gritty details about the bookbinding process. I teach them something, and they seem to adore it.

How lucky am I?!

At the center of each mystery is a rare book being restored by renowned bookbinder Brooklyn Wainwright. With great pleasure, I delve into research mode before I write a single word. I suss out intriguing details about the history of the book and its author, which I then weave into the story. It’s a fun challenge to make events from long ago relevant to the modern day mystery.

In BOOKS OF A FEATHER, Audubon’s Birds of America plays a pivotal role. Talk about a fascinating history! Did you know that Audubon had a fierce rivalry with another artist of his day? Did you know that his illustrations weren’t originally printed in a book, but rather were sent to subscribers in small batches, five at a time? Imagine how exciting it must have been for subscribers to receive those huge drawings, in a time before the internet, television, or radio!

See there, I taught you something already! (Sneaky, aren’t I?) If you love learning, I hope you’ll look for my latest Bibliophile Mystery, BOOKS OF A FEATHER, which is out now.

When you read a book, what are you hoping to get out of it? Besides a wonderful story, of course!


Books of a Feather

Written by: Kate Carlisle

Publisher: NAL

Genre: Mystery

Format: Hardcover

Price: $25.00

Additional Formats: ebook

ISBN: 9780451477705

320 pages

Pub: Date: June 7, 2016