9780425275252What are the first things a young woman from the Pennsylvania countryside notices when she moves to Houston, Texas?  The city is enormous. It sure is flat. It’s super hot – I moved here in July. Summer lasts a l…o…n…g time. The bugs – I won’t go into detail about them. People think in terms of time rather than miles – i.e. “How far is it to the Galleria?” “Oh, about forty-five minutes, longer in rush hour.” And then there’s the rodeo.

The Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is a huge production every year that rolls the chili cook-off, a carnival, livestock judging, a line-up of country-music stars, and the rodeo itself into one big extravaganza that lasts for weeks.  My first rodeo experience, though, was a local small-town rodeo – one of the go-to tourist attractions whenever family from up north came to visit. I enjoyed watching children scrambling after calves, barrel racing, and especially the cattle herding dog who’d jump up on the hind quarters of a running horse like it was no big deal. Not so much the roping of animals or the bull riding. I’ve always been an animal lover, and I don’t want to see anything that could cause harm to an animal. Neither does Sabrina Tate in the second Bad Luck Cat mystery, The Black Cat Knocks on Wood.

Sabrina prefers to stay in the fictional world of writing her mystery novels and spending time with Hitchcock, her black cat. She has the perfect spot for creating her stories, living on the banks of the Glidden River in the Texas Hill Country.  Sabrina has to take time out to defend Hitchcock, though, since some people still insist on calling him the bad luck cat, and she always has to keep one eye on Aunt Rowe and her latest antics.

When Sabrina learns that Aunt Rowe and her gal pals plan to perform in the Lavender Senior Pro Rodeo she feels certain the event is meant for former rodeo professionals who are now seniors – not for seniors who think performing would be a hoot. Before Sabrina can keep the stubborn seniors from mounting their steeds, she’s sidetracked by a bigger problem. An uppity local business owner is found dead in an accident – right after a black cat was seen in her office. People are quick to say the bad luck cat is involved, but Sabrina suspects there might be something more murderous afoot. With a twisted killer on the loose, she’ll have to round up clues quickly before she or her aunt are steered straight into the path of danger.


Kay Finch grew up on a Pennsylvania farm, but she moved to Texas and discovered her favorite vacation spot, the Texas Hill Country. Kay is the author of the Bad Luck Cat Mysteries, including Black Cat Crossing and The Black Cat Knocks on Wood. She’s a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and the State Bar of Texas Paralegal Division. Kay lives with her husband, a rescue cat, and two wild and crazy rescue dogs in a Houston suburb. Visit the author at kayfinch.com.

The Black Cat Knocks On Wood: A Bad Luck Cat Mystery

Written By: Kay Finch

Publisher: Berkley

Format: Mass Market Paperback

Publication Date: June 7, 2016

Price: $7.99