9780425268070A Guest Blog Post by Mary Kennedy

As a practicing psychologist, I know that people are fascinated by dreams. Not a day goes by that a client doesn’t want to tell me about her dream and ask for my help interpreting it.  Many of my clients read dream books and they notice some common themes emerging. But generally, most people feel their experience is unique and they like to come up with their own interpretation.

Dreams can evoke strong emotions and many people report that the “feelings” generated by the dream can last for hours afterwards. In PREMONITION of MURDER, the third in my Dream Club Mysteries, Abigail Marchand, a wealthy Southern recluse, is so disturbed by one of her dreams she invites members of the Dream Club to her mansion for lunch. She hopes they can interpret her frightening dream of dark swirling water, which she feels symbolizes death.

The guests try to reassure her, but sadly, she is found murdered the very next day. The Blake sisters, Ali and Tayor, spring into action to help solve the crime along with other members of the Dream Club. In her case, her premonition was correct and her dream came true.

But what should we make of the thousands of images and sounds that dance through our sleep at night? Are they just random electrical impulses, with no meaning or significance? Or are they keys to our deepest thoughts, wishes and fears? Do dreams reveal the workings of our unconscious?

Taylor admits that she was a skeptic when she first moved to Savannah to help her sister run her retro candy story, Oldies But Goodies. Taylor is the “rational” sister, always practical and level-headed, while Ali is more adventurous and creative, eager to explore new ideas. In books one and two, NIGHTMARES CAN BE MURDER and SCREAM A LITTLE SCREAM of MURDER, Taylor gradually becomes a believer in the work of the Dream Club. By book three, she is convinced that the Dream Club members really do find clues in their dreams to help the police catch the killer.


If you’re interested in southern mysteries with an interesting twist, I think you’ll enjoy A PREMONITION of MURDER. Thanks for stopping by!

Mary Kennedy writes the Dream Club Mysteries and the Talk Radio Mysteries for Penguin-Random House. She is a practicing psychologist and lives on the east coast with her British husband and six neurotic cats. Both husband and cats have resisted her efforts to psychoanalyze them but she remains optimistic. You can visit her at www.marykennedy.net


The Dream Club Mysteries, Book Three by Mary Kennedy
ISBN-10: 0425268071
ISBN-13: 978-0425268070
Publisher: Berkley (Prime Crime)