51xrvfp8xdL._SX303_BO1,204,203,200_Book Review – Grilled for Murder

A Country Store Mystery

By Maddie Day


June 2016

Mass market paperback

$7.99 US

includes recipes


Robbie Jordan, owner of Pans ‘N Pancakes in South Lick, Indiana, is all prepared for the party Erica Sherman’s family has planned and hired her to cater. Erica is returning home after the sudden death of her husband, Jon. Though the reason why he killed himself isn’t stated. One can easily observe that Erica isn’t a grieving widow.  You immediately sense that Erica has relationship issues. After a few verbal arguments with those at the party, one with Tiffany who thinks Erica was stealing from her store, the event ends and Robbie goes upstairs to bed. She’s optimistic that the party went well and it might drum up some catering jobs.

Clearly someone needs anger management classes because Erica’s body is found in Robbie’s restaurant. Though Robbie lives upstairs, the guilty party was very careful in committing the crime, because Robbie didn’t hear any suspicious noises while she slept. After calling 911, the police and medical examiner arrive at the scene of the crime.

Shortly after, Robbie goes dancing with her boyfriend, Jim, and sees Tiffany with a date. She doesn’t seem aware of Erica’s murder. That’s interesting, considering she’s a suspect.

After being given approval to reopen her restaurant, Robbie brings over some food to the grieving family’s house. Erica’s sister, Paula, blames Robbie for the murder. Intuition strikes and Robbie starts thinking about the suspects. Vincent, a so-called friend of Erica’s late husband is with the family. Paula’s aggressive husband, Max, doesn’t seem so upset about Erica’s death. That sends up another red flag. Tiffany isn’t off the hook, either.

Robbie is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. She wants it resolved so she can go on with her life. She also has personal issues to work through.

Grilled for Murder proves that charming little towns can be as deadly as the big city. Robbie is hard working, clever and deserves to be successful. Her boyfriend needs a good kick in the rump. The storyline progressed at a good pace, never dragging. The author did a good job laying down the clues and leading you the direction she chose, making you think one way when it’s actually another. These are characters I’d like to continue to read about. Gotta love small towns. Very curious to learn more about how and why Erica’s husband actually died. I was hoping the author would tap into that. Maybe it’s for a future book.

Four pickle barrels out of five

Denise Fleischer


July 21, 2016