Before a book comes out, authors are asked to write blogs to help promote their book. We are grateful for the cozy reviewers and bloggers who help us get the word out about a new release! For this blog, I decided to do something different so I asked people who follow me on Facebook for questions they’d like answered. Here you go!

Did you grow up on a farm? If not, what inspired you to write about a farm?   

I grew up in a suburb in NJ, 25 miles from NYC.  That area is now densely populated, but when I was growing up, that wasn’t the case. My grandparents lived only a couple of miles away and down the street from them was a farm where they had horses, pigs and chickens. My grandparents had a huge “yard” and grew tomatoes, strawberries, blackberries and grapes for the wine my grandfather pressed himself.

About a mile or two from my house there was a small farm where they grew corn and a farm stand where you could buy the best Jersey corn ever!

The idea for the Farmer’s Daughter came from my agent and the premise intrigued me. I fleshed it out with character, a setting and a plot.

Do your characters ever influence you to take a different direction than where you intended to go? Or do you have a theme in mind and stick to the plan.

My characters usually allow me to stick to what I’ve planned. What does happen are those serendipitous brainstorms where all of a sudden a bunch of random dots become connected to each other—like where you have two unrelated characters but then you realize that character A is actually character B’s mother but neither knows it and that impacts the story and ties everything together. When that happens I jump out of my chair and run around the room pumping my fists in the air!

How much work was the research on this series? What did you do?

I love research so I don’t really consider it work. I did a lot of reading—books and on-line and I was still constantly looking things up—how much does a bag of chicken feed cost, what kind of chickens are the best for laying eggs—things like that.

How do you come up with your character?

I honestly don’t know. It’s a mysterious process and I try not to over-analyze it!  I usually start with some personality characteristics and then move on to deciding what a person like that would look like.

When you are not writing, what do you like to read?

I read mysteries as well as suspense. The books on my Kindle are pretty diverse from current bestsellers to Mary Higgins Clark to classic Agatha Christie and Patricia _5300044Wentworth along with a smattering of women’s fiction.

Are there certain farm animals that inspired a farm themed series?

Not really, no.  But I couldn’t write a book without a couple of pets—in this case a Jenkins, a Westhighland white terrier, Bitsy, a mastiff and a calico cat named Patches!

 About the book: NO FARM, NO FOUL: A Farmer’s Daughter Mystery by Peg Cochran, Sept. 6, 2016, $7.99 – First in a new series-