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51alwphcm1lThe Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club

By Nic Tatano

Harper Impulse, London

e-book edition

August 2016

Madison Shaw is a national political television reporter. She’s assigned to cover a demolition story for a reporter on sick leave. The dynamite is in place, but before the building becomes a memory, the demolition boss Madison is interviewing hears a sound from the other room. To their surprise, they find a bunch of crying kittens and a recently departed mother cat. Madison agrees to care for them as foster mom.

After her busy work day, she returns home to the cat sitter and tends to the kittens she has naturally fallen in love with. When she learns her superficial boyfriend feels they would be an unnecessary distraction and doesn’t seem to have a loving bone in his body, she kicks him out of her life. She was abandoned as a baby and knows what it feels like and doesn’t want these little ones to go through the same.

With a lot of help from her friends and her neighbor who is a vet, she begins caring for her fur babies, learning love and responsibility over career. Her life does a 360 degree turn when a series of events quickly follows. A live TV interview reveals that Madison grew up in foster homes. This leads to a senator inviting her to testify before Congress about an adoption bill, which motivates an abused teenager to drive to Washington to meet her. Which leads to assisting the girl out of a bad situation and the passing of a foster home bill.

It doesn’t end there. Madison also has to get a grip on her personal life by learning who can provide her with a loving relationship and contentment. Sometimes research doesn’t provide all the answers and this is where intuition makes more sense.

The Lost Cats and Lonely Hearts Club is a fast paced, entertaining, book. I read three at a time, because there’s so many great books out there. This was the one I picked up before the others. I think it’s because I respected Madison. In the beginning she had nothing. She worked hard to have a successful career. Nothing was handed to her as she worked her way up the ladder. She was intelligent and courageous.  Her need to nurture, to give love, came natural. She cared for the kittens before herself.

The author created likable characters with real personalities. The storyline kept me interested. The fact that her life changed the course of so many other people’s lives shows that one person can make a difference. I even loved who she chose to spend the rest of her life with. Looking forward to reading older and new titles written by Nic.

Four and three quarters bags of kitty litter out of five

Denise Fleischer


Sept. 29, 2016