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Book Review – The Real Liddy James

By Anne-Marie Casey

G.P. Putnam’s Sons

Sept. 20, 2016

Hardcover, $26.00

320 pages

To everyone that knows her, Liddy James is a sharp, take-no-prisoner’s divorce lawyer in the romance battleground known as Manhattan. Fashion isn’t her game. Knowing what she wants and getting it, is. She is a woman with a set strategy and beware.

Working fifteen hour days as a senior partner in the firm of Oates and Associates is the norm for Liddy. Caring for one of two sons is part of her and her ex’s agreement. Lit Professor Peter James and his second wife, Rose, care for Matty, who is discontent, argumentative and will let you know it. Whipping out bestsellers is high on her list of priorities and is possible with the assistance of her nanny. There is no balance to her family life and career. Her career comes first, though if anyone she cares about is in trouble, she’s there in a heartbeat.

On her “sure as hell” trouble list is Sebastian Stackallan who is overly confident, disliked to the high bar by Liddy, who uses sex appeal to his advantage. And who also could outsmart her with unexpected evidence. But don’t think she doesn’t care.

Liddy appears to have adjusted the thermostat of her emotions. Perhaps it’s emotional preservation. Clearly she is the very model of every career woman today who has to be a super woman to survive. No matter in the corporate world or serving food to hundreds of unhappy people in a restaurant.

I found it difficult to put “The Real Liddy James down” and on top of that I hated that it ended. This book is about coming to your senses in the nick of time.  I love the author’s voice and for some strange reason I could easily hear Emma Thompson narrating it like she did in the movie “Stranger Than Fiction.” (2006). I also felt that Liddy was headed in a downward spiral if she didn’t make changes in her life. She loved both her children, but her demanding job kept her away from them. Her idiot boss felt he owned her and would have worked her to death. Yes, she was wrong in breaking her vows, but I think that was because she felt Peter didn’t love her anymore and he didn’t want a second child at all. Funny how fate called the shots in that one. The way he treated her and felt she deserved to pay his and his new wife’s way in life was awful. But at the same time, he couldn’t let go of her. Looking forward to future novels written by Anne-Marie Casey. I’ll have to check out “No One Could Have Guessed the Weather” (Penguin hardcover/2013).

five briefcases out of five

Denise Fleischer


Oct. 30, 2016

About the Author:

Anne-Marie Casey is a screenwriter, novelist and playwright. She was a successful producer in Film and TV in the UK before becoming a writer full time. She has written numerous scripts for TV and Film in the UK and Ireland, most recently a pilot episode for a TV Series Galway Bay, set in Connemara during the Famine, adapted from the novel by Mary Pat Kelly, to be produced by Roma Downey of Lightworkers Media, Los Angeles, and a film adaptation of The Master, a novel by Jolien Janzing, about Charlotte Bronte in Brussels, the secret love affair that inspired Jane Eyre for the Irish Film Board and producer David Kelly. Her stage adaptations of Little Women and Wuthering Heights enjoyed sell-out runs at the Gate Theatre in Dublin, in 2011/12 and 2014/15. She is currently working on a stage adaptation of Madame Bovary. Her first novel “No One Could Have Guessed the Weather/An Englishwoman in New York” was a bestseller in Ireland, a Kirkus reviews best book of the year in the US and a YOU magazine book club pick in the UK. Her new novel The Real Liddy James will be published in the UK and Ireland by Hodder and in the US by Putnam/Penguin in September 2016.