betty-hechtman-15-2By Betty Hechtman

It all started when I was a kid.  When it was summer and the weather was perfect without a cloud in the sky, we would go to our very, very rustic cottage in Indiana.  When I say rustic, I mean like no electricity, no indoor plumbing, no telephone, no heat beyond a fireplace and when we got there, we were pretty much stranded because we also had no car.  We’d take the train from Chicago and one of our neighbors would picked us up in his ancient truck.  We’d stop at the dairy and pick up a block of ice for our ice box (remember no electricity).

With all those nos you might think I was upset.  I didn’t even notice them because I was so happy to be there.  It was like magic to me.  There were wild strawberries to pick for breakfast, wild flowers to pick and make a bouquet, a mysterious forest and if you could get through all the waist high grass and brambles, wild blackberries.  But best of all I was free to roam.  I started what would become a life long habit of going for walks and telling myself stories as I did.  I would walk along a sandy road with butterflies as my escort and go past a 1000 acre farm on one side and wild fields on the other.  An irrigation ditch went through the farmer’s field and under the road.  The bridge was just the right size to lean on and look over.  The way the water made tiny waterfalls made me think it would be a perfect place for fairies to live.

And on the wild side of the road there were purple flowers that smelled like peanut butter.  I would walk and think about the possibilities for fairies.  I thought the loaf shaped rural mailbox I saw would make a perfect house for them.  I decided on names for them – Lily and Violet and I came up with an adventure for them.  Finally I wrote it down and it became my first actual story.  I was eleven.

I realized how much I liked writing mysteries when I wrote my first mystery short story in high school.  It was about jewels being smuggled in some birds’ feathers who were on their way to a zoo.  The teacher actually read my story in class.  It was a bright moment in a bleak time of my life.

9780425279458I went to a commuter University and working on the student newspaper was a wonderful experience.  I learned all about putting together a newspaper.  We did it all, the writing, layout and paste up, along with rushing to take it to the printer on Thursday nights to make our 2 a.m. deadline.  After doing reporting and writing news stories, I eventually wrote a weekly column that managed to cause a ruckus a number of times.

To me, being a writer meant writing everything and anything and so, many years later when I taught myself how to crochet, I thought it would be great to mix the craft with mystery.  And Molly Pink and the Tarzana Hookers got their start crocheting and solving mysteries. HOOKING FOR TROUBLE is the eleventh book in the Crochet Series.  Molly has a rear window moment when she thinks she sees a murder, but when there’s no body, nobody believes her.

I’ve come a long way from that sandy road (which is now paved), but I’m still finding story material wherever I look. I found the current one literally in my own backyard.

About the Author:

Betty Hechtman writes two national best selling yarn related series. HOOKING FOR TROUBLE is the eleventh in the Crochet series and GONE WITH THE WOOL is the fourth in the Yarn Retreat series. In addition, she is the author of STOLEN TREASURE, a Y.A. mystery with recipes.

She has a B.A. in Fine Arts and has written newspaper and magazine pieces, along with short stories and several scripts.  She splits her time between Southern California and Chicago and has yarn stashes in both places.  Website:  BettyHechtman.com  Facebook: Betty Hechtman Author Twitter @BettyHechtman

About the Book:

Hooking for Trouble

Nov 01, 2016 | 304 Pages