Death at First Sight, which released on November 1st, is the first book in the Bay Island Psychic Mysteries series. At present, there are three books written in the series. I’ve written many blog posts and answered many interview questions about the first book in the series, but I haven’t discussed the later books. That being the case, I thought it might be fun to take a peek into the future and see where the series is headed.

Cass Donovan should have dusted off her crystal ball and taken a peek before leaving her psychiatric practice in New York to open a psychic shop on Bay Island. Maybe then she’d have seen trouble coming her way and nipped it in the bud before it got out of hand. As it is, she foresees the problem a little too late to intervene and ends up the prime suspect in a murder investigation. Now, she has to prove her innocence if she wants to have any hope of making a life on Bay Island.

Death at First Sight raises the question of whether or not ghosts exist, and it’s often a debate—argument, whatever—between Cass and her two best friends. Stephanie is a firm believer in something beyond the normal. Bee, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in anything otherworldly, or so he claims. For someone who insists there’s no such thing as ghosts, he goes out of his way to steer clear of anything to do with them. And Cass, well, Cass doesn’t know what she thinks.

Years of psychiatric training give Cass Donavan a unique glimpse into the minds of her customers. The fact that she is very good at interpreting the subtle tells people give away all the time without realizing it, only enhances her ability to give fairly accurate “readings” and convince most of her customers she is psychic. Of course, Cass doesn’t consider herself psychic. At least, not at the beginning of the series.

In Occult and Battery, the second book in the Bay Island Psychic Mysteries series Cass has to find a way to generate income for the winter months. Bay Island is a tourist town, and few tourists want to brave the elements to visit a beach town in the dead of winter. But the psychic weekend she decides to host in a haunted house, complete with séance, backfires when a real ghost—or maybe mass hysteria—and a real body turn up. When a blizzard blows in and traps Cass and her guests overnight with a killer, even Cass can’t predict what will happen.

The third book in the Bay Island Psychic Mysteries series is not yet titled, but it delves a little more into the paranormal. Either that, or Cass has gone completely crazy, because a woman has started appearing in her dreams. That in itself might not be so unusual, if Cass didn’t stumble upon a portrait of the woman in the new art gallery window. And if a woman didn’t turn up missing.

So, what do you think? Do ghosts exist? Is there really a world beyond our own, and can some people communicate with the spirits that dwell in that world? Leave me a comment and let me know!

Death at First Sight

Nov 01, 2016 | 304 Pages