into-the-firestorm-coverBook Review- Into the Firestorm

A BOSS Inc. Novel

By Kat Martin


Jan. 31, 2017

Paperback, 379 pages

The terrible realization that her niece was raped by Rudy Vance, her sister April’s new boyfriend, and that he was arrested but let go, pushed Emma Cassidy into being a bounty hunter. No way was she going to let the monster go free. She uses her resources and training to entrap him and get the evidence she needs to see that justice is served. Thing is she’s mostly catching the men who skip bail. This is a whole other ballgame.

Luke Brodie, a military trained, high-success bounty hunter seemed to have zoomed in on the same case. He’s more than a little surprised to find Emma working her sexy little self into his assignment. He’s fully aware that its dangerous as hell and if he doesn’t step in, she may not come out of this alive. She agrees, which makes this a first for Luke because he doesn’t like working with a partner. He quickly comes to realize that he’s not simply attracted to her and that’s a problem. His military experiences have made him feel incapable of having a long-term relationship, but go tell his heart that.

With the help of Boss’s employees and resources they attempt to track down Vance one clue at a time, quickly placing themselves in an international hive of complications that rather not be revealed by those organizing it.

INTO THE FIRESTORM is action packed and filled with surprises. This was a can’t put down book. I was totally impressed with Martin making Emma a tough and courageous bail enforcement agent instead of a character constantly needing a man to pull her out of danger. Luke’s dark past is not only his shadow, it has stopped him from knowing love for most of his life. I think most people would hire someone to grab a monster like Vance, rather than personally go after him, but never underestimate the power of a loving aunt. As for the plot, it isn’t totally fictional in the sense that this type of thing sadly happens one way or another all over the world. My hope is that it will one day cease.

Four bounty hunters out of five

Denise Fleischer


January 28, 2017