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Tell us about Luke Brodie. Where is he from and what led him to be a bounty hunter.

Luke was born in Texas, enlisted in the Army a couple years out of high school.  A former Special operations soldier, after he was injured, he moved to Seattle where his brother, Ethan, lived, and took up bounty hunting to make a living.  Luke figured it was a good way to use his special skills.

What’s motivating him to bring in international criminal, Rudy Vance, the $600,000 bail enforcement fee or the desire to haul in a bad dude?

Luke is one of the good guys.  That means he likes the money–who wouldn’t?  But he’s always glad to do a good deed at the same time.  Rudy is the worst of the worst, just the kind of bad guy Luke enjoys bringing to justice.

Emma Cassidy has a darn good reason to go after Vance. He murdered her sister’s housekeeper and assaulted her young niece. Where in the world does she even start to look for him?

Emma has been digging around the Seattle underworld, but she’s new at the job of bounty hunting.  When she gets a lead that brings her face-to-face with Luke Brodie–a man she idolizes for his amazing skills, things begin to turn in her direction.  Now all she has to do is convince Luke to help her!

What can put her ahead of Brodie as they are both after the same man?

If she is lucky, she can get Luke to work with her to bring Vance to justice.  Except that Emma’s version of justice might be a little different from what Luke has in mind.

There’s been so many wonderful books in the “Into” series. Is this number 9? Share with my readers what #7 – “Into the Fury” and #8 “Into the Whirlwind” was about.

Years ago, the first book I wrote in the series was AGAINST THE WIND.  There were nine AGAINST novels that all featured hunky guys.  I went to Seattle for the INTO books, INTO THE FURY, INTO THE WHIRLWIND, and INTO THE FIRESTORM.  All three revolve around a Brodie Operations Security Services, BOSS, Inc.  A bodyguard, a detective, and a bouny hunter.  In FURY, Ethan Brodie and Dirk Reynolds act as bodyguards for the sexy La Belle lingerie fashion show models.  In WHIRLWIND, Dirk falls in love with one of the models, who comes to him for help when her four year old son is kidnapped. Ethan’s brother, Luke, gets his own story in FIRESTORM.

Where do you get your dynamic ideas for these books?

The ideas usually come from something I read in the news or something I watch on TV or a combination of both. To tell you the truth, they just sort of pop into my head.

Is there one Brodie that you adore more than the others?

Got to admit Luke Brodie is my all time favorite.  He is just the sexiest man alive, smart, capable, loyal and caring, gorgeous to look at and sexy as hell.  Big swoon here.

What are you currently working on?

I’m off to Texas for a trilogy that begins with Lincoln Cain, Texas multi-millionaire.  Linc is 6’5” 210 pounds of gorgeous sexy male, the kind of guy who needs a strong woman to handle him. He meets his match in Carly Drake, a woman determined to  make it in a man’s world. It’s a high action adventure I’m hoping readers will enjoy.

How do you balance your personal life with your work as a best-selling author?

That’s easy.  I don’t have much of a personal life!!  Just kidding, though I do work a lot. I like to sneak off with my husband for a weekend out of town on occasion, a nice hotel with a lot of good restaurants in the area. A little time away revives my work-weary spirit.

What are you reading to help you kick back and relax?

I’ve been reading Loreth Anne White, a Rita finalist, one of the best authors I have discovered in a while.  Particularly enjoyed In The Barren Ground.


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