5a3a3812-5-768x931-w500-oTalk about spooky. The cover of “Kiss of Death” makes you think twice about going out in the rain. What did you want to deliver to readers with your latest thriller/crime story?

I wanted to write a good old fashioned thriller. The kind of book that keeps you guessing who did it and what’s going to happen next. It’s my hope that at the end of the book the reader says, “how did I miss that?”

Who is Bruno Norcross and what challenges has he been up against?

Bruno is your classic cop. The kind of man who lives in the modern age, but truly belongs in the past. Only one killer ever escaped his grasp and he has been waiting for him. Now he is on the hunt to catch this killer so he/she doesn’t get away again.

What is the known history on the “Kiss of Death”? Has he killed only in Detective Norcross’ state?

Kiss of death has only killed one girl before this. Bruno’s partner’s daughter and Bruno is determined to get his man even if he is the only one who believes that the obvious suspect isn’t his man. Kiss of Death has only killed in one area and it seems to be his MO.

One case hit the police department hard. Who was involved?

kiss-of-death-coverBruno’s partner’s daughter was murdered then the killer vanished and the whole department is determined to get him this time.

Now another college student has been killed. Is Norcross assigned to the case?

Yes, Bruno is the only cop who has seen the killer, but he escaped. He is assigned the case by the first victim’s father because he wants Bruno to give him the name of the man who killed his only daughter.

Does he have enough evidence to make an arrest?

Bruno is pulled in every direction and every time he thinks he has found his man, the evidence pulls him in a completely different direction. It’s a guessing game of facts and evidence that has Bruno on the hunt.

What did it take to write this book?

This book was the first time that I had attempted to write a realistic crime book. It was more challenging then previous books, but it was also more rewarding.

Where are you from and what do you do for a living? How do you balance your writing life with your family and job?

I’m Canadian and work in IT. Finding balance is a challenge at times since work and family responsibilities are always there. There are times when I want to write that great chapter, but just don’t have time. Generally, it’s a matter of prioritizing and having a very understanding family.

What are you currently working on?

I’m currently working on Hunting Ground. This is my serial killer VS stalker book. I like the idea that two monsters see the world differently and its part of my theme about Lee Truelove as he goes through life and gets pulled deeper into his own darkness.