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NEW YORK, February 7, 2017—Senator Elizabeth Warren is writing a new book about how we can win the fight to revive and expand America’s struggling middle class, it was recently announced by Stephen Rubin, president and publisher of Henry Holt and Company. Entitled “This Fight Is Our Fight: The Battle to Save America’s Middle Class,” it will be published by the company’s Metropolitan Books imprint on April 18, 2017, and edited by John Sterling, editor at large for Macmillan.

One of the country’s leading progressive voices and foremost champions of the middle class, Senator Warren tells the story of how the United States built the greatest middle class in history, and how big corporations and financial institutions then came to overpower the interests of poor, lower-income, and middle-class Americans. The story moves from President Roosevelt’s progressive New Deal, to President Reagan’s disastrous trickle-down economics, and now to President Trump’s promises that are pushing the middle class ever closer to collapse.

Senator Warren’s book delivers a rousing call to action and an outline for reclaiming our government so that it is less beholden to the rich and powerful and better serves people who work hard every day but now face such an uncertain future. Written in the forthright, inspiring voice that is Senator Warren’s trademark, the book provides candid accounts of her battles in the Senate, vivid stories about her life and work, and powerful descriptions of the experiences of working Americans who have too often suffered under economic policies that leave them out in the cold.

“Elizabeth Warren is a fighter whose most potent weapon is her ability to communicate—to let the world know about wrongs that she seeks to right,” said Rubin. “Her personal experience growing up in a working-class family, her deep knowledge of American’s middle class, and the urgency of her message about the country’s trajectory make this book especially timely and important.”

“Washington works great for the rich and powerful who can hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists, but it is not working very well for everyone else,” Senator Warren said. “America’s once-solid middle class is on the ropes, and now Donald Trump and his administration seem determined to deliver the knock-out punch. At this perilous moment in our country’s history, it’s time to fight back—and I’m looking for more people to join me.”

Henry Holt/Metropolitan also published Senator Warren’s previous book, the national bestseller, A Fighting Chance (2014).

Rubin acquired world rights from Robert Barnett of Williams & Connolly, LLP. A portion of the author’s net proceeds from the book will be donated to The Greater Boston Food Bank, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts, Worcester County Food Bank, and the Merrimack Valley Food Bank.


About Senator Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is the senior senator from Massachusetts. A former Harvard Law School professor, she is the author of ten books, including “A Fighting Chance,” a bestseller that received widespread critical acclaim. The mother of two and grandmother of three, she lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with her husband, Bruce Mann.

About Macmillan

Macmillan is a global publisher of books, magazines, textbooks, scientific information, and digital content and services. In the United States, the group includes Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Henry Holt and Company; Flatiron Books; St. Martin’s Press; Tor Books; Picador; Macmillan Audio; Bedford St. Martin’s; W. H. Freeman; Worth Publishers; i-clicker; Hayden-McNeil; Palgrave Macmillan; and Scientific American magazine.